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    Brand new to the game, but I need to learn

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      Hi, I am a 19 year old in Florida who is very interested in trying to start a business. I am a very motivated individual with sights on having a 6 figure income in about 2 years. I have a business plan for my personal goals, but I am interested in looking into furthering my money into starting a business. I have a few ideas of the businesses I want to start, but my first task is to learn the basics. I have done countless hours of research and done trial business plans and hypothesized for the outcome of the business.

      The first business I am planning on drawing up the specs for a is a resteraunt that was inspired by a chef that works at the hotel I work at. He has the abilities of some of the finest chef's I have ever encountered and has moved me to the position of opening up a fine dining facility and giving him the chance to be in control with his mind to run free.

      Right now, I am in the process of buying and selling property to work towards my goal to get situated for investments, but I am wondering if there are any investors who are willing to work with me and help me out to open a facility?

      Gainesville Florida is a beautiful college town, and home of UF and the gators. Needless to say, if put in the right area with the right people in the kitchen, Another very important fact about Gainesville that should be looked at and I have studied for about 3 months now is that Town of Tioga, a new suburb of Gainesville next to Jonesville, has $500,000 - $1,000,000 houses that were recently built about a year or two ago. The bigger picture is that the area that is located near it, has no resteraunts involved, except a Kazbor's. Which the richest side of town, has no where to dine. If that makes any sense, then feel free to let me know what you know because it's common sense. They drive in town just to go eat and why do that when you could bring the food to them?

      I think richly, and I plan to live richly. I just need the resources and help to get there. I follow through with every project and plan to invest as much as I can when I get to the point I can.

      So please if anyone can help me out, it'd be greatly appreciated and I also have plans to put money forth to whomever can help me also.

      Thank you and I hope for opinions,

      Jon Senterfitt

      Please feel free to email me at
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Brand new to the game, but I need to learn.

          Welcome Jon, The best place to learn is SCORE. SCORE is FREE and can help you succeed.

          *SCORE "Counselors to America's Small Business" is a nonprofit
          association dedicated to educating entrepreneurs and the formation,
          growth and success of small business nationwide. SCORE is a resource
          partner with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA).*

          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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