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    Unsecured Business Loans up to $250,000!!!

    Unsecuredloan Newbie
      ::::Manhattan Business COnsultants::::

      We offer unsecured business loans up to $250,000

      *No Tax Returns
      *No Collateral
      *No UCC Filing
      *Fast Closing
      *No up front fees

      680+ Credit Score
      2 Yrs+ in Business
      U.S Citizen

      Please feel free to contact Kiley @ (239) 945-4388 Office
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          hyland Newbie

          I am interested in obtaining a business loan for $225,000.00.


          I have recently expanded my adult (mr/dd) foster care business and built a second home to accommodate more clients. My current clients are 9 permanent, stable, young men of good health; most have been with me for over 5 years. They bring in verifiable monthly income, paid by the state of Oregon, in excess of $50,000.00. In addition, I have one crisis bed that has remained full over 90% of the year. This bed brings in additional income ranging between $3000.00 and $7000.00 per month.


          My credit score is currently 689, down from over 700 due to the debt I incurred during expansion. I am not behind on any bills, nor do I have a difficult time meeting my monthly obligations.


          Simply stated, I am not desperate for money, it merely makes sense for me to pay one loan instead of several. I would be willing to pay 10% interest on a loan amortized over 6.5 years. I would consider structuring the loan to include a balloon payment for the balance of the note at the end of 5 years.


          If this holds any interest for you, please contact me: Carlene Rhodes


          PO Box 5478


          Beaverton, OR 97006


          (503) 746-6354
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            Milleisen Scout

            No up front fees? Great. What are your back end fees and what kind of rates can a client expect with a 700 credit score and no income verification for a $250K application? I called a company that made similar claims and they charge 20% of the loan amount as their fee (not the interest rate, but a success fee payable after closing). A $250K loan would cost $50k for an upfront fee with them. How do you compare to that?
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              accounting1 Newbie

              My daughter and I started a Bookkeeping and Accounting Business in May in Naples Florida. We have very low overhead but we need a little working capital to get on our feet. Any suggestions on what we can do? We have tried local banks with no success. We were wroking with someone from the SBDC and she was not reliable at all. From your area code it looks to me like you are in Naples, Florida so I know that you know how people are that live in this area. Our personal credit is good. I had one collection item that I just paid off and that was an item that I have been paying on for awhile now and they can verify that I never missed a scheduled payment. I just made a stupid mistake when I was young and that is why that collection exists. I have student loans because my daughter is in undergraduate school, my son is in undergraduate school, and I am almost finished with my masters degree. We do not need much to give us a jump start. Thanks for your suggestions.