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    Need Feedback

    LetsBPrepared Wayfarer
      I've been working on my business website and I would appreciate feedback on it.

      Thank you for your time,

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          puzzleman Tracker
          The first thing that I noticed was that you have a large blank area right next to your logo. this some prime realestate as it is the first area the customer is looking at. How about highlighting one of your products there? There are a couple of smaller blank spots in the upper right corner that you can use as well.

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            Lighthouse24 Ranger

            I agree with the previous post . . . the top and left side master border areas are relatively huge and mostly empty. I'd cut those down and put more content in the prime real estate. Otherwise everything seems logical and functional (looking at it as a consumer/visitor -- I'm certainly not a website expert).

            I hope you won't mind a piece of consumer feedback on the emergency kit product: The day packs are not the best type of container for these kits -- a lockable, watertight, insulated, high-impact plastic container (like an ammo box) is a better choice. I purchased kits in containers like that for every employee a couple of years ago and some of us had to use them last summer. We noticed that the contents of our (container) kits were in much better condition when needed, especially when kits had been kept in a vehicle. In the conditions that existed at the time, everything everywhere was wet (including other people's day packs and their contents -- I even saw day packs with mud inside and mildew growing in/on them), whereas our contents stayed dry. The lockable container also provided a dry, secure place to keep and carry valuables. As an avid sailor, I know a lot of people who buy and carry emergency kits on their boats, and again, a watertight and lockable container would be much more appealing to that market segment.

            One more suggestion. I notice that you don't offer any "a la carte" consumables to restock with. From a business perspective, if you added those, you could follow up a kit sale with repeat sales for years after (encourage customers to let their kids eat "old" items, or have a family "drill day" where everyone eats/drinks the items in the kit, and then buy new stuff to restock it). Trust me, consumables may have a five year shelf life, but after they've been in a pantry, on the floor of a closet, or a 160 degree car trunk for a year or so, they leave a lot to be desired.

            Again, I know that's beyond what you requested, but since you're a fairly new business, I thought it might be helpful to hear from someone who has bought and used the type of items you sell. Best wishes.
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              Archangel Adventurer
              I agree there are some big holes and "empty real estate" on your site, but that is true on my 22" LCD wide panel at 1680X1050, but not so much on at server monitor, a 15" standard monitor at 1024X768 resolution. In your position I would look into some kind of pre-configured content management system. Or, at the very least limit the width of your site to a standard such as 780 or 1004 pixels so it looks the same on all monitors. That way you'll always know what the viewer is seeing. Once you have that nailed down it will be a lot easier to figure out an effective layout design. If you are new to html I would highly recomend a site like They have a very well detailed and complete online reference for html that is very well laid out. You can learn a lot about how to use the different HTML elements to get really good results.

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                intechspecial Ranger
                Site is not functioning correctly I was getting a mysql error when I clicked on the link in the top left corner.

                Also design is lacking slightly.

                Other than that site is decent.

                If you developed the site yourself, you could teach me a thing or two in regards to .php MySql.

                Please join an aspiring Web Developers Community, we could use the support from both beginners and experts.