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      We are seeking business expansion financing. I created a quick FAQ for some of the common questions asked.


      Feel free to respond to the email below for a faster response.




      Who are you?


      Studio Nouveau Corporation is a next-generation technology development and animation production company, committed to creating high quality, innovative technologies for film, television, commercials, new media, and video games. Formed by veterans of the animation and visual effects industries, Studio Nouveau is comprised of a team of artists and developers of award winning feature films and games.


      How long have you been in Business?


      We have been incorporated for 1 year but have been in business for 3 years.


      How long have you been in the industry?


      14 years.


      What will you do with my investment?
      Expand the business.


      Where are you located?


      We are located in Culver City/Los Angeles area.


      Do you have a business plan?


      We have a complete business plan.


      How long do you need the loan for?


      For approximately three years.


      How and when will you pay money back?
      In annual payments over the next three years.


      Do you have a Lawyer?


      Yes, I have had the same attorney for 10 years.


      Do you have an Accountant?




      How much capitol are you looking to raise?