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    I need 18,500. 00 to open up a bar.

    ADJhelpme Newbie
      I am looking for someone to help me get started in opening my first bar. I am 31 years old and I have a ton of experience. My personal credit is no good I went through a seperation that financially tore me a part. I have been working on my personal credit score though. I am trying to open a college bar in a college based town: Tuscaloosa,Al (The University Of Alabama)

      The market is very receptive and the need is always there with the growing rate of incomers every year, and that is not to mention the oether 2 small in town colleges. I have chosen a great location. It was a preexisting bar. Not much work will need to be put in, I have also priced utilities and they are with in a good range, please help me. I will be willing to accept short-term financing with a considerable intrest rate and maybe even royalty percentages. Contact me if interested