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    I need a $20,000 Investment/Loan

    BboyAds Newbie
      Start-Up Media and Marketing solutions company in need of funding. I am 90% done with Business plan and funding, but my goldmine is in my ideas and knowledge. looking to expand into several aspects of media, which any new-age investor should find appealing. An All-Digital magazine publishing company, and an out of home advertising, just to name a few of companies I have registered. All creative ideas with marketing plans written out.

      Looking for Investor with eye for talent. Willing to work out investment option or loan repayment. Living in New York City. Many available and bankable ideas, no funding.

      Please respond with any questions, comments or suggestions and I will fill in any voids. If this is vague is because I cannot say much without giving out my ideas/strategies. Looking to make this happen ASAP. Registered LLC, with ID #