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    Please help me to finish my road learning !!!

    maria88 Newbie

      I live in VinhLong town , in South of VietNam . Now , I am a second year student , the University of Natural Sciences in Ho Chi Minh city . I am not going continue my studying , because my family is meeting difficult in problem of finance . My parents contributed money to building business with my mother's brother . But unlucky , this business wasn't successful . My parents dued to the bank in VietNam , the money is 9000 USD . With the loan interest is 1.75% / month . My parents must pay 182 USD / month . At present , the loan interest in VietNam is very high . My family meet more difficult than before .
      My mother advertised to sell our house at april 2008 but now , our house isn't still sold . Because in VietNam now , the sale of house is very difficult . My studying and my younger sister's studying meet a lot of obstacle . My younger sister is learning the 9 th form which is the last a junior high school . She was awarded third prize about the good English student . She wants to get private in English . Her wish isn't true . I am student . Most of my reference materials are English . So I want to take private lessons in English and computing , to research a lot of documents and to improve my knowledge . But outsite studying hours , I must teach privately to pay my studying and help my parents . So I haven't times and money to learn English and computing . Because my family isn't money enough to finish our small wishes .
      My house is very advantage to trade , with the length is 25 metres , the width is 8.5 metres . In front of my house has a broad street whose width is 15 metres . Rearward of its has a river whose width is 25 metres . But my family 's the problem of finance , at present , my parents aren't ability to widen my family 's business . My father has a small mobile phone store . He receives to repair customer 's mobile phone and sell mobile phone card . Outside working hours at my mother 's office , she opened an small dental practice office with primitive equipments . For there isn't money , my father 's store and my mother 's office are limited and aren't more development than .
      Therefore , my family needs borrow 10000 USD to provide funds for my father 's store , and equip for my mother 's office . Concomitantly , my parents can pay for the bank .
      While my studying is dangerous but I find chance website "" . I like to find life saver , this help me who believe in a better future of my studying .
      My family hope that " small business online community " will help us . Because now , the banks of VietNam are increasing the loan interest , limit the loan money , and tighten credit . The small businesses as my family are meeting a lot of difficult problems .
      Thank you very much

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          There is no place to post a review on thier website but if there was I would surely give these guys a 5 star
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