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    Investor needed for Purchase of Existing Business!

    LESSWORK Newbie
      I,m am posting on this forum the need for an investor in purchasing and expansion of an existing business. The business is in Florida and the initial funds needed are about $2,000,000. This is a very profitable business with a very promising future and potentially between 750k and 1.5(m)+ per year revenues. I do not wish to discuss this oppourtunity in detail on the forum, but with outline in detail as well as financials by phone or email. The investment does not have to be cash, as a loan with a credit backer can be acheived. I already have a contract on this business.
      Plese email me for further info as well as contact info.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Investor needed for Purchase of Existing Business

          For Two Million Dollars, I would like a little more info both
          about YOU and this EXISTING BUSINESS

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            If $2MM is the asking/purchase price of the business then it should be generating $300,000 to $500,000 in net income to support that price. If the "potential" revenue is only $750,000 to $1.5MM it will need to be a high margin business to generate those numbers. If it is not generating those numbers you may want to take a look at your purchase price to be sure you don't overpay for the business.

            How much money are you putting down on the business or into the transaction? How much is the business seller willing to take back in financing? Or are you looking for an investor or funding source to bankroll the entire acquisition?

            It might be difficult for you to find an equity investor but depending on the deal you may be able to use some leverage to create capital for the transaction. You would have to run the numbers to see how much the deal can support though to be sure that you do not eat up all the cash flow to service the deal structure.

            Dennis Lowery
            Adducent, Inc.
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                LESSWORK Newbie

                Well i appoligize for not being more informative on the forum but there is just to much info short of posting a 25 page business plan to support the deal. You should know that the $2(m) is the property value by itself which is su[pported by appraisal. That does not include all the buildings on the property so the value is there right from the start. The potential is in the expansion which will bring in an additional 500k per yr as they will have a monopoly in the area. The existing owner is not aware of the future plans for the site, which is why i,m dont want to go to much in detail but it is located in the Tampa Bay area. My suggestion to anyone truely interested is to contact me direct for complete info.