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    Starting a Company on F1-OPT Status

    arrowhead7 Newbie
      Hi everyone. I have been reading some posts on here about starting a company on OPT stutus and as far as I can gather I can do that but I still have some questions that I was hoping someone could answer.

      1) Are you allowed to completely own a company on OPT status or must one of the founders be a US citizen?

      2) Would I be able to work for the company from another country if there are no other employees remaining in the US for this company?

      the reason I ask the latter is because I plan on starting a product company and then plan on returning to my home country after the term of my OPT. It is highly probable that by the time I leave it will still be in R&D stage which I will continue from my home country. So i guess the main question is if it is ok to solely own a company in the US but work for it from another country?

      Also, for legal advice would I be looking for an immigration lawyer or some other kind of lawyer?