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    Cold Call Horrors - How To Avoid Them!!!

    rontowns25 Adventurer
      Don't be one of those sales people who absolutely blows a cold call! Cold calls are challenging only if you don't know how to do them. Here are the keys to being successful.

      1. Do your homework:
      When making a cold call you want to be as prepared as possible. With today's
      technological advances it is easy to do research on anyone. It is as simple as
      putting the CEO of a company's name into Google, or looking at their Web site
      and reading their mission statement. For example, you could Google John Assaraf
      and find out that he is a member of the board for the Jenna Druck Foundation.
      Now when you call, you can say "I understand that John Assaraf is on the board
      of the Jenna Druck Foundation and I have an idea/program that I would like to
      talk to him about that is going to help him give more money to that foundation.
      Do you think I could have some time to talk with him?"

      *2. Set small,
      obtainable goals:* If you are reluctant or apprehensive about making phone
      calls to an unfamiliar person, set small goals at first until you get the hang
      of things. For example make a small goal to make one call a day, Monday through
      Friday. This will help you start to achieve success and build your confidence.
      Most importantly reward yourself for overcoming your challenges; it can be as
      simple as yelling "woo hoo!" after a successful phone call.

      *3. It's not about
      you, it's about them!* It is crucial to know in advance how your product or service is going to help your
      customer. You need to have your Unique Selling Benefit, Unique Selling Position
      and your elevator speech ready and know how each applies to your specific
      customer. You need to show your prospective clients what their benefit is for
      taking the time to talk to you.

      *4. Be persistent and
      enthusiastic*: A smile actually causes a physiological change in the tone of
      your voice because smiling elongates the vocal chords. Your energy and
      enthusiasm is easily recognizable over the phone, so it's OK to be excited
      about your business. Leave an enthusiastic message and don't just leave it
      once, leave it three or four times. "John, I called you last week on Tuesday. I
      understand how busy you are. I am going to leave you that phone number again in
      case it got buried." (Remember to leave the number slowly and repeat it).

      *5. Be memorable and
      follow-up:* In order to reach a decision maker or your target audience you
      need to stand out of the crowd. Leaving the same voicemail four times isn't
      going to sell your potential client. For example; if you are operating a doggy
      daycare and are trying to reach more clients, in addition to leaving a
      voicemail, send potential clients a dog biscuit and tie a note around it and
      mail it out. This will allow you to stand out.

      Everyone has a busy life; there are so many opportunities
      for a phone message to get lost or an e-mail to end up in the spam folder. Use
      a variation of media when you follow up. You can call and say "Hey, just wanted
      to leave you a quick message. I sent you an email and I want you to be looking
      for an mail from John-at-OneCoach-dot-com. If you don't receive it in the next
      hour, please check your spam. Thank you."

      These five tips can help you become more confident with your
      cold-calling skills and ensure that you are effectively using your time.

      Finally, remember to have fun and take risks. When you
      believe in yourself and your company, your enthusiasm and energy will pass on
      to your clients. These keys to success will help you grow your company and
      expand your client base. Click here to see a library of information under the excerpts section...
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          Bluesuit Adventurer
          With caller ID these days, I think it's increasingly becoming difficult to cold call. These are all great tips, but what do people do if the person simply doesn't pick up or respond? In those situations, I would recommend trying to reach another person in the company (if possible)...who knows, you may find that the first person wasn't the decision maker to begin with, or the other person may make introductions for you to the original person. I also agree with Rontowns25 - it's important not to be discouraged and/or not take it personally. I also like the tip about repeating your contact info slowly - who wants to do a rewind from someone they don't even know?
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              rontowns25 Adventurer
              Good points blue suits.

              If the person you are trying to reach does not pick up the phone, DO NOT LEAVE A VOICEMAIL. They will not get back to you.

              For anybody that has a little apprehension to call or has caller hesitation consider this: if somebody says "No" to you, they are not saying that they hate you or don't like you, they are simply declining the offer that you are giving them. You have to separate your personal emotions from whatever it is you are trying to sell. If they had a chance to sit down and chat with you about anything else, they'd probably love you. Remember that the person on the line is a PERSON. They have feelings and emotions, and aren't just targets to sell to.

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