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    Need 10,000.00 small business startup. Guaranteed money back

    WEEZYPOO Newbie
      I have worked for a small home business for over 2 years where I have basically been running the operation. We did claims for moving companies, charged a small monthly fee, had over 150 companies join us and 'they" , out of their own home, were making over 50,000.00 per month. the problem is that I did all the work (customer service, claims, filing) etc. as the owners took off on their rendevous everywhere and left me stuck with a very small weekly income. I decided it would be in my best interest to leave, since I already knew how to do everything, that I would start my own company and do this myself. I have incorporated my business, I have a registered trade name, I have most of the equipment I need and I am off and running. The problem is I need a small loan until I can get enough companies under my belt (and I have many contacts) to advertise and get me through the next few months. I believe if you talk to me, you will be confdent in my ability to pay this loan back. I am even willing to take a partner and share the profits.
      This is a very LUCRATIVE business and I am experienced in all aspects. I simply need financial backing until the business can become self sufficient,
      if interested, please call me. Thank You, Louise 602-476-8165.