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    Business Loans and Business Financing Solutions

    Mark SLF Wayfarer
      Spotlight Financial LLC offers many business loans and business financing solutions.
      Programs available:
      *Hard Money*- Private money for real estate projects
      *Fast Cash Business Loan*- This is a real loan to $100K. Credit cards are used to confirm a companies cash flow. This is NOT a credit card advance.
      *Merchant Cash Advance*- Get a cash advance against your future credit card sales
      AR Financing- Why wait 30 to 90 days to get paid from your customers. Virtually eliminate cash flow issues caused by slower customer payments. Rates from Prime Plus 1%.
      *PO Financing*- Use in conjunction with AR Financing. If you buy and sell product you can get cash to purchase the product for re-sale
      *Equipment Leasing*- Need equipment? Leasing is a viable alternative to bank financing.
      *Equipment Sale Leaseback*- Use your current equipment to access cash
      *Vendor Financing*- Extend credit to your customers.
      *SBA Loans*- Credit scores only account for 20% of the funding decision
      *Stock Loans*- Use your current stock to secure a loan. Get up to 90% of the stock value. No credit checks.

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