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    Modeling Industry, New Twist!

    david3965 Newbie

      My name is David, our company is called Model and Talent Zone. Feel free to visit the website Go to the site, look at the assignments board. As you can see every major Network abc. cbs., fox, Tyler Perry and hundreds of companies that use models are using this site.


      Remember the days when you called a travel agency to buy your airline tickets? Now people just go online and book it direct. It's faster, and the airlines put up the postings to save the money they were paying the agencies. Our site is brand new to the industry and works the same way. Instead of going through agencies models and actors go to this site and book jobs directly! Modeling agencies typically charge the model 20% AND the client 20%. Models and actors can now deal direct and not pay agency fees and clients can pay more money to the model and still save money themselves!

      We currently have almost 1000 models paying $10 to $20/mo to access this site. This currently brings in almost $20,000/ mo in residuals not counting the money on the sale of the site itself. It is NOT a new business venture. I am looking for either an invester or working partner to help expand this business. With $ 30,000 to $50,000 we can double the volume in the next 6 months. Projections are capable of


      We are also looking for regional distributors in different parts of the country who can market the site. We go to cities over 200,000 population and perform model searches. The site sells for $388.00 and includes an online web page, a photoshoot, and beginner to intermediate workshop. You must be highly motivated, able to speak to large groups of people, and a strong closer. Commisions are 50% to 80% with residuals. The amount of commissions depend on volume. We just started this program and have one regional distributor, he made over $200,000 last year and just built a $450,000 home.

      If you have an interest in either opportunity, feel free to contact me at or through this forum.