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      As a leader in VoIP innovation, IPsmarx has successfully supported our clients in building their business through our comprehensive solutions and products installed in 58 countries. Our Residential IP Phone Service Provider Solution will enable you to offer full-featured IP phone service to residential and business clients.

      Everyday, more and more people are replacing their phone services with VoIP. The IPsmarx Class 5 Softswitch has been specially designed for clients entering into the VoIP market by offering IP phones and adapters to their customers. This solution integrates the management of IP to IP calls from IP phones, small gateways, adapter clients, and resellers.


      Our solutions are flexible, affordable and easy to implement, even for beginners. With little or no technical knowledge, we can help you get your business started and support you as your business grows. IPsmarx will help you design the business you want, with the services you want to provide. You choose the features and we will customize a solution just for you.


      IPsmarx billing integrates Prepaid and Postpaid Billing, CDR collecting and real-time Call Monitoring, Client Monitoring and Reporting Tools, with advanced features like Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, and Voicemail. Enhanced features allow you to create your own rate packages and set promotions for your end users as well as automatically provision end user devices like IP phones and adapters.


      Other optional modules include Video over IP, Auto-Provisioning, and a fully redundant system.

      For Residential IP Service Provider Solutions business ideas please visit:



      I encourage you to visit the link below for more information on the Softswitch Solution:



      To download the Softswitch Solution Brochure visit:



      To learn more about our Class 5 Add-on Modules visit:



      For more information on how to get started with your business and take advantage of our special start-up rates, please feel free to call me. Thank you again for your interest in our solutions and we are looking forward to working with you!



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          CathyLorraine Newbie
          Our small office recently made the transition from landline to voip phones. We make many international calls and we are very pleased with the cost savings. There are several factors to mention, though. You do need to buy voip phones and a voip pbx (we opted for Linksystems) and there are many, many pricing plans out there. You really need to spend the time to review and compare pricing plans and different carriers. We used">Voip Providers which has a table and comparison of the different pricing plans. Then we directly contacted the carriers with a list of questions that centered around customer service and help with configuration since we don't have any "tech savvy" staff. I strongly suggest taking the time to do the research and finding the right plan for you company.
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