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    If you're looking to go green-eco friendly

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      Email marketing is 20 times more cost effective than direct mail, and can cost substantially less.

      Direct Mail Response vs. E-Mail: Which is Higher? "Whether campaigns are sent to outside mailing lists or house files, marketers anticipate-and have seen-higher responses to their e-mail efforts than they have to traditional mailings, according to two studies by Direct magazine.

      Why the difference? Well, there's the immediacy of e-mail, or more specifically the immediacy of response. It takes more time to hunt down a pen, and in some cases a stamp, than it does to click a reply button."

      If you have access to customers/clients etc. email addresses, it has been my experience (5 years) that email marketing creates a faster and more cost effective response than traditional direct mail. Although one should not rule out direct mail as a marketing tactic, email marketing has rapidly proven to boost web traffic, overall company revenue, and customer loyalty.

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      Best of all no paper cuts!