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    Help with brochure making and mail marketing

    eversuhoshin Wayfarer


      We have made a brochure for our company. We believe it looks good but we were wondering if anyone can help us out with small details such as how to make it loook more professional, words or phrases that are more appealling, etc. Also, anyone have good advise on having people open our mail? I have done some research and there seems to be whole lot from the color of envelope and the day it should be mailed. It would be great if you guys could give us some advice. Thank you for your time and consideration.


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          Iwrite Pioneer
          Nothing beats a great "concept." A concept is an insight into how the product or service benefits the target. I have found that a solid headline that speaks to the person, sparks their interest can help with getting a brochure read or an envelope opened.

          People are going to recommend using words like "free." But if you don't have anything "free" to give them you run the risk of losing a potential customer.

          Is there anyway we can see the layout? It would help to see it.
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            ToniM25 Wayfarer
            Having a professional brochure is very important to your business. I offer free graphic design services and I would love to be able to help you out. Visit my website . I also have several online printing companies on my site that may be of some interest to you. Hope I can help.
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              Lighthouse24 Ranger

              I've found that I get a better response and it is less expensive to design brochures as mailers (no envelope needed).

              As for getting an envelope opened -- a first class stamp, though more expensive, gets better results for me than metering or a bulk mail permit. Addressing the piece to a specific person by name gets much better results for me than addressing something to a job title, position, or something generic like "resident" or "occupant." Hand addressing, though more expensive, gets better results for me than an envelope that is machine addressed or uses a printed mailing label (but only when it is addressed to a specific person, otherwise might was well use printed labels). I haven't experimented with or measured the impact of colored envelopes.

              Were you asking for someone to review your brochure and provide feedback? If so, do you have an electronic version of it posted somewhere or available to e-mail?
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                  GODMarketing Newbie
                  Email marketing is 20 times more cost effective than direct mail, and can cost substantially less.

                  Direct Mail Response vs. E-Mail: Which is Higher? "Whether campaigns are sent to outside mailing lists or house files, marketers anticipate-and have seen-higher responses to their e-mail efforts than they have to traditional mailings, according to two studies by Direct magazine.

                  Why the difference? Well, there's the immediacy of e-mail, or more specifically the immediacy of response. It takes more time to hunt down a pen, and in some cases a stamp, than it does to click a reply button."

                  If you have access to customers/clients etc. email addresses, it has been my experience (5 years) that email marketing creates a faster and more cost effective response than traditional direct mail. Although one should not rule out direct mail as a marketing tactic, email marketing has rapidly proven to boost web traffic, overall company revenue, and customer loyalty.

                  If you'd like to read more go to

                  Hope this helps
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                    organicgirl1 Newbie
                    I was reading your input on brochure making and mail marketing, I loved your concept on the whole idea. I need more marketing on my product because of this being a new innovative product sales are slow. Maybe you can look at my product. Please contact me on my profile.

                    Thank You
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                        Howard666 Newbie
                        I can help get you double digit returnes by utilizing personalization on a full color 4/4 posycard, oversized 6 x 11. If you can send me your PDF artwork you have currently and your database that you would like to mail too, I can provide an estimate for print, and miling services for you. I have a very large client a big sports organization which uses this concept on a regular basis to reach out to their NBA season tickit holders.

                        Nick 916-276-7342 please call if interested.
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                      Sweetsation Newbie
                      Not sure how far true it is but I've heard that color "yellow" has most responses. Perhaps try to have your envelopes in yellow. However I used direct mailing myself in the past and wasted a lot of money on postage with NO results at all. No more.

                      Try maybe direct give-away free method just passing them out at busy locations or just sticking them in the car doors in the parking lots. Again, you didn't mention what nature is your business. So, it's just an ideas.

                      Good luck,
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                        puzzleman Tracker
                        I have tried mailing brochures versus post cards. I found that I got a better response from the postcards. I feel the reason is that everybody looks at the postcard before throwing it in the trash because you don't have to open the envelope.

                        I personally don't open envelopes on stuff that I perceive to be junk mail right away but I will look at every post card.

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                          Howard666 Newbie
                          Personalization, relevance and size of mail piece. My company specializes in Variable data yielding double digit returns to our clients, you print less because it becomes more personal and reinvent to you prospect. This is tied to a quality mailing list. 1/2 of 1% traditional mailing returns or 10 - 12%. Our clients have made the transition to Variable data printing.

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                            btownprinter Newbie

                            Now, I'm not sure what all the craze is with going online to do your printing. I you even know if these companies really exist? Can you watch them as they produce your piece, guaranteeing you the ultimate quality and efficiency? Check out the real thing at I work for one of the most successful and best-run printing companies in the Northwest, Bridgetown Printing in Portland, OR, and I would like to invite you in for a tour so you can see what you're getting. Feel free to email me at Best of luck! -Kyle Richardson
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                              lincolnb Newbie
                              You could try your local Post office , they can help you with a lot of things.
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                                brad4un09 Newbie
                                Yes Sir, I have done a couple mail-out campaigns. I believe that research has shown that Wednesday is best to have
                                your campaign delivered. Monday is generally Junk Mail Day. Too close to the week-end, it becomes old and may go into the trash unnoticed. As for a great company to work with, Vista Print. They always have great sales and easy to
                                work with templates. I have enclosed a Link to my website, you may find more useful information there. You can also
                                check with Printing For Less also available at my website. You can also contact me from there, I will gladly share more information with you about marketing. Heres a link to my site, Everyone feel free to visit, it is based on Business for Home and Real Estate.
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                                  MarketSleuth Wayfarer
                                  Never leave your sales up to chance. You must streamline the buying process and guide your customers to the sale. That said, your brochure should target the most common stage in the buying process that your potential customers are in when they receive your brochure. Remember, a brochure is not meant to be an overview of a company, but rather a persuasive sales tool that should appeal to your customers' needs and present a solution clearly. Probably the biggest marketing advantage brochures have is the ability to organize the benefits of a company in a way that establishes credibilty and clearly details the solution that the company provides to satisfy the customers' needs. Call to action is also very important. Lead the customer to the next stage in the buying process: Get them to request a quote, inquire for more information, or make the purchase.

                                  For more direct print marketing information, check out my marketing site and sign up for my FREE direct marketing newsletter.
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                                    Howard666 Newbie

                                    A monthly newsletter will also provide you with a useful tool to target existing and new clients. A lot of great sales foks in this Forum. It all comes down to trust and relationship, get some good refrences local or out of state in todays market local is anywhere you can send a digital file by FTP or email. ROI is the tool you will use to measure your success, a very tagrgeted mailing list and a relevent message with a call to action that motivate your prospect to contact you now or in the next 3 - 6 months, consistantcy and a commitment to measure your results and do the backend work as well to stimulate the new concept business. mail, email, phone calls web presence. It is alot of work but not rocket science. I am here to consult and produce any media that will make it happen but just mailing is a great start. If you are interested in a complete turn key solution to building your business, I have helped many companies both launch new products as well as turn around a failing business to a sales success. Remember "nothing happens until someone sells something".. To that end maling is a part of the picture. If interested in talking furthur I can send you my number. Nick Herman D.H.I.