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    Forum or marketplace

    Iwrite Pioneer
      I was just reading and answering another post in this forum and it hit me - "Is this a forum or is it a marketplace or is it something of a combination?"

      We are all different and we come here for different reasons, but I think it will help with our frustrations about this board, if we can get a better idea of what we the members think this thing is.

      I see this board as a combination. People come here for information but many would also like to make money here also. Nothing wrong with that. But by the nature of my business, I am more of a long term relationship type of person. I am trying to develop relationships with people who have more expertise than I am in certain areas so that I can improve my business. Am I looking to get a client from here? No, not really. That would change how I see this forum. I am trying to manage my expectations.

      I think we could all get more from the forum if we recognized that not all of us are here for the same reason. I am not preaching or trying to impose my will on anyone. Just trying to see if we can come to a better understanding.
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          Green1 Adventurer


          I was conducting an internet search for a marketplace and this forum came up in my search. I viewed several message boards and decided to join. I thought this was a marketing forum.

          I make a good living off my internet, MLM business, in fact I recently started a second one. I market myself 24/7, including through my personal emails, etc. My website and email signatures are as much a part of my life as my name, maybe more so and I want my information out and about. I never take the names or information from individuals at these sites. Some have contacted me personally or through my websites.

          I try to be helpful whenever possible but when it comes to answering questions I pick and choose because I do not want to provide incorrect responses or to ever steer them in the wrong direction. My background is regulatory compliance for quality, environmental, health and safety in manufacturing and service settings. I enjoy when others post their signatures. I make it a point to visit the sites of forum members every day to see what have they have to offer that I might be interested in.


          I agree that we are here for different reasons but I do not see this as a negative. If there is something that does not pertain to me I move to the next topic.
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              Iwrite Pioneer

              I posted this because as of late, some have been getting upset if their posts are not responded to or their requests not met; others are upset or concerned about the amount of solicitations for funding; still others have problems with the amount of selling or promotion done here; others have been unhappy with the amount of business this forum generates for them.

              I really think whatever problems we are having with this forum is because of our individual expectations, we want this forum to do something it may not be designed to do. I don't know. I thought if we opened a dialogue, we might be able to help each other see the value in this forum.

              I have only been on this forum since late last year, but I have seen a real drop off of some of the more informative members, and that is not good for any of us.