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    Email marketing save 30k-60k annually

    GODMarketing Newbie

      Global One Development Marketing ( is one of the first to provide an outsourced email marketing management team to businesses, churches and non-profit organizations. More than a consulting firm, we manage the design, deployment, and deciphering of email campaigns and intelligence reports on customers behavioral activity in response to each campaign. The main advantage to choosing Global One Development Marketing is the ability to affordably utilize a strategic email marketing team for less than the price of one in-house email marketer.


      Specializing in hassle-free email marketing, we handle everything from newsletters to full on product campaigns. Most businesses will see an average savings of $30k - $60k annually, while churches and non-profit organizations will see an expanded deliverability and response rate for newletters, fund raisers and other events.


      Here at Global One Development Marketing, we believe that the success of email marketing should be an affordable solution for more than just big corporations.