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    Computer Donation

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      I own an Entertainment Company that I had to shut down a year ago, because of health problems. I have had my business since 1998, but I got diagnosed with lupus years ago. When I first got diagnosed I had to move in with my family and I moved after one year. I was forced to go on Social Security Disability, because I could no longer maintain my regular job at Gelsons Supermarket in Pacific Palisades, California. Right now I am on a fixed income and I have to decide, between Health Care/ medication cost and groceries. I want to be financially empowered again, but I no longer can afford the necessary resources and office equipment necessary to rebuild my business. I want to go back to Artist Management, Booking and Concert Promotions. It is my intention to seek a donation for a Computer and if not a computer some office furniture to get back to business. When things feel apart I had to sell everything. Due to being on fixed income now, I am economically challenged. I want to feel good about myself again and not have to depend on the government to sustain myself. There is a book I'm trying to finish and I need a new computer so it won't crash before I finish the book. I will be looking for a Publisher once the book is finished. In the interim, I will be looking for a Literary Agent to help me sell one of my screenplays. It would be my pleasure to offer any proof necessary. Thank you for your time and consideration.