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    Business Credit

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      Hello My name is William D. McGee I'm the founder and owner of The Business Credit Network. I have been in this industry for over ten years, and in those years I have form a business network with several lending institution and companies that give lines of credit to business owners limited personal credit checks and personal guarantees. I have work with major companies in helping them build thousands of dollars in Corporate Credit.I'm looking to teach 50 Small Business Owners this next month on how to

      How to successfully Build Corporate Credit How the credit bureaus work How to apply for a Duns Number Avoiding getting in DNB's Extreme Risk How to Establish The Right Trade References Building your DNB and Experian Scores Getting bank issued Credit Cards and Loans Buying Real Estate, Leasing, and Purchasing Vehicles, under a corp Strategies for building larger lines of credit Protecting your personal and business assets
      Email me at for more info