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    Missions Over In Kampala Uganda Africa July 26, 2008

    motivations Newbie

      I have a Talk Show business called Motivations "The Stories Of The Struggle In Between". To inspire the community thru radio/t.v communication by targeting youth and families with daily issues which effect the family structure, and providing healing solutions of empowerment. I do a AIDS ALERT MARCH annually in our local community also internationally in Kampala Uganda Africa this year in July 2008. Motivations does this to bring awareness to the disease HIV / AIDS which is truly a problem globally. It takes monies to have these annual events, which I have personally be supporting out of my pocket. I am in need of a loan or investors to support of us going over to Uganda to make this walk possible for the people that are living with HIV / AIDS in Kampala Uganda. Please assist with giving us a loan.


      Gloria Taylor