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    Do your Questions and request get answered here?

    D.Dott Newbie
      As a new member to this Forum, I have seen lots of cries for help (money, info, advise) do they get answered here, or do you get contacted outside this forum with answers?
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          total_fitness Newbie
          I recently joined this forum and posted that I needed some advice on a new business. I have had 239 views and NO responses. I have found help elsewhere to say the least.

          Although, I have noticed reponses to other businesses needing advice, but most of the responses are "If I help you...what will you give back to me?".... or basically people promoting their own business instead of giving advice.

          I hope you have better Luck!

          Take care,

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            amspcs Ranger
            I think lot of people do get valuable advise on this forum, I know I try to help within my area of expertise whenever possible. I do agree that far too much of the content is unadulterated greed driven spam, which in my opinion diminishes the value of this forum significantly. Don't get me wrong, nothing wrong with selling...that's what makes the world go around. But, in a community such as this, I think it is appropriate to offer help and advise in response to a specific need of a poster, AND plug yourself in the process, not just hit-and-run spam. I feel the moderators could do a great service to the community by weeding out the garbage posts. Just my opinion.

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              Iwrite Pioneer
              I have had my questions answered but I am not asking about money or funding or finding someone to fund my business.

              I try to answer the questions that I can provide a real answer to - the marketing/advertising questions and management questions. I stay away from the money ones.

              The problem is that with the increased number of questions, requests and pleas for money, there is no way all of these can be answered by those qualified to answer them. The economy is doing a number on all of us, but we each have to find our path. I am trying to do my thing without funding or credit - it is harder but I am less stressed about paying back a loan or turning a quick profit.

              I suggest you check some of our profiles and look at the sheer amount of posts we are responding to. I for one, have a real job but I still try to give the marketing and advertising questions some serious answers. And I have not tried to sell anyone on using my services.

              But because I cannot answer a person's question about financing or finding money, I don't answer questions?!


              I do not respond to most posts about home based businesses, funding, taxes, accounting, international business, business law and the list can go on because I am smart enough to know that I am not qualified to answer these questions. I don't want to give anyone a bad or wrong answer.

              The requests for funding tear at my heart, as a small business owner I understand how precious a person's business is to them. But I don't have the means or knowledge to help, and that hurts even more.

              I was going to ignore this post but I really felt you needed to hear from someone who doesn't response to the cries for help and why.


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                designer Tracker
                I haven't been on the forum for a couple weeks, now. I tried really, really hard to be a part of the group by posting inspirational "daily" quotes, giving good feedback, displaying a positive attitude and I left many, many open-ended questions or interesting posts, but it seemed to be a losing battle. I really didn't benefit as a business owner when it came to people purchasing anything from me and very, very few people seemed to be interested in my jewelry. Nobody from this forum contributed to my Blog with a comment. I feel that people just don't care. I guess I thought the forum would be a community of support. There are a handful of very, very nice people here like iWrite, DomainDiva and some others....but the vast majority of people are surfers looking for money, loans, business opportunities, etc. Whoosh...over my head. I don't have millions to give anyone.
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                  total_fitness Newbie
                  I came to the forum asking for advice....As a novice, I would love to learn from those more experienced...which looking through many forums I have found great information. I don't think there is anything wrong with asking for advice or an opinion on business matters.I value many of the people who write substantial amount of information that is helpful towards a successful business. I have seen several forum topics postings asking flat out for MONEY (which to me is a little over the top) and I have also seen people flat out post stuff on advertising their own business. Maybe their should be a subject forum specifically for these people....
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                      Iwrite Pioneer
                      Anytime you have a marketing or advertising question, please post it and I will be glad to offer my thoughts. I think there is a lot you can do to grow your business once you get going without spending a lot of money.
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                        puzzleman Tracker
                        Like Iwrite, I don't get involved with people asking for money or obviously trying to sell their product without becoming involved in this community. I do give my two cents worth when it is topics with which I am comfortable giving opinions.

                        As far as people asking for money on this site or people saying I got the money now what do I do, my eyes just glaze over. Some of the information people are looking for is available from your local library, junior college, college or SCORE. It amazes me the number of people who won't take advantage of things in their backyard. I guess it is easier to type it on a keyboard.

                        I enjoy this site as some of the threads do get into concepts, issues and ideas. I love exchanging these things and reading others exchanges.