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    Spanish > English and English > Spanish

    jadwsTranslat Newbie

      We are Jadws Translations a Professional bilingual translations company, We translate Spanish > English and English > Spanish.


      We translate Advertising ads, web sites correspondence, brochures, catalogs, essays, articles, technical documents, computers manuals, public service information, Business related documents, and others. Feel free to contact us at for a free quote.


      We are fast, professional, accurate and affordable.


      Contact us
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          amspcs Ranger
          Good idea. You might make some headway down here in South Florida. DO tell more about
          your policies, rates, procedures, etc. I'm interested.


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              jadwsTranslat Newbie

              Well, we have native translators from Mexico and South America (this to ensure Spanish used in our translation is generic and don't carry slang).


              We can sign a confidentiality agreement, to ensure none of the information provided from you will reach third parties.


              The way work: you provide the document you want to translate for quotation, in less than 24 hours we submit an answer. We charge per word and depending of the length of the document you might be able to get a better rate.


              Our purpose is not only to translate word by word, but to make the final document understandable, and reachable to final user.


              We accept checks and payment through pay pal.


              Once again, feel free to reach us at this email. Documents can be share through FTP, email or Microsoft live space.
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              Interpreter Wayfarer
              Welcome to the community jadwsTranslat!

              I think translation services is a great niche. I offer translation/interpretting services in the Houston TX area, English - Vietnamese. I havent branched out to written correspondence yet. But would definitely explore it when time frees up on my schedule. Right now, its only face to face assignments in courts and hospitals, with 3-4 assignments a day. I'm wiped out at the end of the day with all the traveling I do. Do you mind if I ask how many employees are with Jadws Translations?