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    Retailers & wholesalers are sitting on a gold mine......

    liquidate Wayfarer
      If you own a retail or wholesale business this is for you. Walk back
      into your warehouse or storeroom and look at those shelves. The top
      ones are full of merchandise that has been sitting there for a real
      long time. Right? You would love to sell it all and get back as much of
      your investment as possible,right again?
      Just not sure how to do it?
      You thought about calling a liquidator,but you know they are going to
      offer you pennies on the dollar.not an option.
      What if you could
      connect with another business owner that is looking to purchase that
      inventory? Give them a discount so it's attractive to them and sell it
      You can. We have those buyers looking for your ad each and every day.Sometimes there are 2-3k of them each day looking.
      Put your dead-stock in front of them and sell it.
      Free registration. Free 7 day ad when you register,
      Why are you holding on to all that merchandise?
      Have a great day.