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    Guerilla Publicity Techniques!!!!!

    rontowns25 Adventurer
      What are some of the top guerilla techniques for increasing visibility and publicity?

      Some tips and tactics to increase publicity I thought of....

      *Just do it and do it
      again.* The most
      important aspect of launching a successful public relations campaign is to
      start. You can begin with a local effort and then branch out, or start
      nationwide and leverage it locally, but do begin. However, PR is not a one time
      deal. So many people make the mistake of doing a press release and then never
      doing it again. Publicity, like marketing, must be persistent and consistent.
      The results are not always immediate, but you are building momentum, and the
      benefits are long term.

      Focus on the public not your position.
      Your publicity message should focus in on the reader or listener, and their
      needs. Public relations does provide you with an opportunity to promote your
      position but in order for that promotion to be effective you must first capture
      the public's attention. Your message should solve a problem, or touch a pain
      point. By focusing your message on the benefit to the audience, your position
      as expert will be established.

      Keep it simple. Our
      senses are assaulted every day by a barrage of information, in the workplace,
      at home, or at leisure. That onslaught has driven the need for simple messages.
      To assert yourself as an expert, you do not need to present an erudite, complex
      message. To appeal to the average consumer, a simple message will stand out in
      the crowd. People don't have the time or motivation to sift through complex
      messaging. Determine your primary message and then translate it into simple

      *The garden won't
      grow if you don't plant seeds.* All of your publicity efforts will not yield immediate,
      measurable results. However, if you don't plant you won't reap. Try multiple
      approaches, adjust your message, be creative but do not cease your efforts.

      Guerilla publicity is about
      being bold and willing to pursue visibility for your company. Be confident in
      your expertise and actively engage in sharing your gift with the world. Your
      product or service is the solution to your customer's problem but they will
      never know it unless you tell them!

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