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    I Need Some Killer Tips For Increasing Revenues????

    rontowns25 Adventurer
      I'm looking for some feedback about killer tips to increase revenues. I work at a business coaching and consulting firm. Does anybody have any suggestions?

      Here is something I put together:

      You already know that the offer is the second most important success factor
      of any direct marketing campaign, either online or offline. (The most important
      factor? Your potential or existing client list.) What you may not know is that
      the difference between an "okay" offer and a "killer" offer
      can translate to many thousands of revenue dollars. The best use of your
      marketing time and money, therefore, is to develop a killer offer and make sure
      you have a great list.

      Here are six tips that will raise your offer to "killer" status:

      • Figure out exactly \\ who you are going to send the offer to. Follow just this one tip, \\ and your campaign will be more successful than at least 90% of your \\ competitors. Most businesses come up with the offer first, then decide who \\ to send it to. This is nowhere near as effective as deciding who you want \\ to attract, then fashioning an offer that will appeal to that particular \\ group of people.
      • Make the value of \\ your offer a no-brainer. Consumers today, whether businesses or \\ individuals, are inundated with all kinds of sales pitches that include a \\ multitude of offers. As a result, they are fairly suspicious and short on \\ patience. Your offer must be so clear that your recipients understand it \\ instantly. If your offer is some kind of discount for example, half off is \\ easier to understand than 50% off, which in turn is a heck of a lot easier \\ than 35% or even 60% off.
      • The offer should \\ involve either a discount or a bonus or, even better, both. A \\ bonus is something you will give free to someone who takes the action you \\ are asking them to take. Offering a bonus will increase your response rate \\ by as much as 30%.
      • Have a reason for the \\ offer and make sure you say what it is. If you make a great offer \\ for no reason, you will raise suspicion flags in your readers' minds; \\ after all, we've all been told that there is no such thing as a free \\ lunch. Therefore, you need a reason for your offer-we are new to the \\ neighborhood, it's our business's anniversary, it's customer appreciation \\ week at our company. Be as creative as you want, but be sure to have a \\ reason.
      • Create urgency. \\ There must be a reason for your readers to take immediate action. This \\ could be an expiration date on the offer, an extra bonus for fast \\ response, or some other element that will cause your client or prospect to \\ take action.
      • Make the call to \\ action another no-brainer. In the same way that the value of your \\ offer needs to be crystal clear, so does that call to action. Tell your \\ prospects exactly what you want them to do. Ask them to go to your web \\ site and click on a particular word, come in to your store on a particular \\ date or in a certain time range, whatever action you want them to take. Be \\ very clear.
      Incorporate these six tips into your
      next direct marketing campaign and watch the results. You will see killer-level

      Year-End Business Finance Checklist

      Taxes must be paid, but it is good business practice to minimize the
      amount you must pay. As the tax year comes to a close, consider strategies to
      help you reduce taxes and get a jump on next year's tax planning.

      • Spend extra time ensuring \\ that your books are accurate. You need to have a good understanding of \\ your financial situation as of the end of the year. Spend some time with \\ your financial advisor to review any pre-January 1 actions that you need \\ to take and that are particular to your operations.
      • Defer or delay income to next \\ year. Revenues earned through December 31st are taxable this year. Income \\ deferred or delayed until January will not be taxed until 2007. Any \\ deferral strategy will depend on your profit and losses for the year and \\ your corporate legal structure, so this is a topic for the year end \\ discussion with your financial advisor.
      • Accelerate donations. Bring \\ charitable donations scheduled for early 2006 charitable donations back to \\ 2005, and get a receipt for the tax deduction.
      • Increase your expenses. If \\ you know you will need particular supplies, goods, and services in the \\ first quarter of next year, buy them now if your cash flow will allow it. \\ Stock up on office supplies, prepay bills for things like cell phones, \\ insurance, and rents, book any early 2006 travel, and consider purchasing \\ capital equipment now.
      • Delay the disposal of \\ depreciable assets. If you plan to dispose of depreciable assets, don't do \\ so until the new year so that you can still claim their depreciation for \\ this year.
      • Write off damaged or obsolete \\ inventory. Depending on the accounting method you use, check inventory for \\ any goods that are damaged or have become obsolete. The drop in market \\ value of the inventory can provide added deductions.
      • Make payments to your \\ retirement plan or set one up before the year-end. Retirement plan \\ contributions will reduce your income for this year. Check the \\ contribution limits and payment deadline. for your type of plan. Discuss \\ strategy with your financial planner.
      This checklist will apply differently to each business owner's situation and
      accounting method. Use it as a basis to review your best year-end strategy with
      your financial advisor.