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    Professional Investor-Ready Business Plans

      Business Plan / Planning / Advisory Services


      Highlights follow for you about my business plan/planning services (but please do read this all the way through):


      • Very affordable


      • Payment plan to make it easier on your budget


      • Prepared by a professional (visit my web site to see about me)


      Here is a link to a business plan / planning services overview proposal on my web site that you might find informative:

      No doubt about it. Professional investor-ready business plans get the attention of investors and funding sources.

      Raising money for a business can be very hard; you need to have an investor-ready business plan and it pays to know who to go to for help with that and that they have connections for funding.

      • One of mine just helped a small company we are working with line up $5,000,000 in funding and an additional $5MM for further expansion later on.


      • Another client was helped source $3,000,000 for a merger/acquisition with subsequent staged funding up to $40,000,000.


      I have 26 years business experience funding, starting, buying & building businesses and helping clients do the same. I work with clients throughout the US and internationally creating the most important document they have to offer to investor prospects and funding sources. As suitable for their business I can also introduce them to my network of 90+ funding sources with capital available from $100,000 to $20,000,000+.


      After you've read the plan/planning services overview, please contact me to give you an exact quote and to discuss further. I can even help you with creating a web site for your business if you don't have one or improving one you currently have.


      I hope to be able to help you with your business. You'll be very happy with what I can do for you.


      Dennis Lowery, President


      P.S. I work with clients all over the world and am very adept at working and collaborating long distance (via email, phone and Skype).


      Tel: 904-223-0355






      P. P. S. Related information/resources to help you can be found at: - I am a co-founder and a Managing Director. If you are a business buyer and are looking for specialized deal structure & funding resources for acquisitions - see my site at: