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    Seeking Restaurant Operating Loan

    WingCdr Newbie
      Like a dummy I didn't not apply for a startup business loan, I instead used my savings and existing personal credit lines for the buildout and startup. I've been operating for 8 months now and had positive growth for the first 6 months, with sales peeking at 28K per month right before recession, but with the existing consumer cuts on discretionary spending sales are down significantly. Because I'm "all in" so to speak, and because it is now an existing business, I seemingly no longer qualify for fair lending. The answer I am getting is that the business is to young to qualify and my personal debt to income ratio is maxed from depleting my savings and using my credit lines to purchase equipment. Ideally I need $15,000 to make it through to better times. I am an Army Officer with no negative credit history and the restaurant itslef has no debt. Was it a fatal flaw not to apply for a startup loan when my personal wealth was healthier? Can you offer any advise for lending? Investors? Partners?