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    Want to buy a business & need money? You Need To Read This!


      *The Most Important Letter You Will Ever *Read About Buying A Business (if you think you can't because you don't have enough money)

      From: Dennis M. Lowery, President of Adducent, Inc.


      I could tell you that there are many "little secrets" that sophisticated business buyers and investors keep to themselves to buy good businesses without using their own money and that now for the "first time" I'm going to disclose them to you ("at the risk of making them mad; but the world has to know" ... right ... that always makes me smile when I read or hear someone say that). But it's not like that at all. And I want to make a special offer to you so that you can find out all the details about why and how this works.

      Most sophisticated and experienced business buyers and investors (and I've talked, worked and dealt with hundreds) are good people; professionals that have learned through experience and don't mind talking about it and sharing their knowledge.

      The thing is, most people don't know someone like that, and if they don't know them ... how can they ask them about buying businesses and the best way to do it?

      There are a lot of good books out there on buying a business. They are a great resource for those people who have a lot of cash on hand to buy a business.

      They are also great reference materials for those out there that want to buy a business but may not have the money to do it. But frankly it is not going to be much help to them since they do not have the money to buy a businesses the way that most people think is the only way to buy a business.

      That is why I took my years of study, observation and experience in buying my own businesses, my years of working with business owners, business buyers and investors, and wrote the book "Learn How To Buy A Good Business Without Using Your Own Money".


      Here are some highlights from what's in the book:

      • How to find the right business to buy (including the best way to use the Internet for your searches)
      • How to communicate with the business owners (including how to work with business brokers)
      • How to analyze the business (step-by-step what to look for to make sure it is the right deal for you)
      • How to structure the deal (take your analysis and determine what the business can do to help you buy it)
      • _How to finance the deal _(including sources of funding)
      • How to negotiate the deal (how to present your self, what to say and how to act)
      • How to conduct your due diligence (including a check list of the VERY IMPORTANT questions you must ask and get answers to)
      • How to close the deal (important tips to get a smooth closing)
      • How to raise money for your business (a simple and proven way approved by the SEC).
      • How to establish your own exit-strategy (always plan for this ... many business owners fail to and regret it later)

      What you learn in this book INSTANTLY gives you a new perspective and capability when it comes to buying a good business of your own.


      How can that be? How can you buy a good business without putting your own money into the down-payment? Its very simple, actually. Much more simple than you would ever guess ... but you do have to get some specialized knowledge and it does take work on your part. But if the result is that you buy a good solid business that pays for itself while it pays you as well; isn't that worth working for?


      I believe so strongly that you can learn how to do this that I have a NO-RISK 100% Lifetime Money-Back Guarantee. If you don't find the book and its tool-kit valuable to you, or are not happy with it for any reason (or for NO reason at all) contact me for a full refund. All I ask is that you read it and give it a thorough review. That's as fair as fair can be.


      For members of this community and forum I have a special offer of 50% off the regular price. You can find this offer and a lot more information at my site:

      Visit my site and read the information about this special book and offer. After you do you must decide while this offer is still "hot" in your hands. Otherwise you are going to forget and you'll never learn how you can buy a good business without using your own money for the down-payment.


      Please don't miss out.




      Dennis Lowery, President
      Adducent, Inc.

      P. S. this includes our Business Buyers Deal Tool-kit. Here is what you get in it:

      1. Sources of funding for your deals and guidance on how to find hundreds more
      2. Deal Review Worksheets to help you analyze the businesses you are looking at (Excel template)
      3. Email templates and phone scripts to guide you on how to communicate with business owners and business brokers
      4. A Business Buyer brochure template for you to use with business sellers and broker's (Publisher/Word template)
      5. A Business Highlights Form for business owners to fill out to give you information on the business (Word template)
      6. A Directory of Business Buyers & Investors - by Industry Interest
      7. A Directory of 1,274 Private Equity Investors & Funds
      8. A Sample Non-Disclosure Agreement for your use
      9. A Sample Contact Letter for you to send to Lenders & Funding Sources for your deals
      10. A Sample Letter of Intent to use with business owners
      11. A Template for Pro Forma Financial projections for use with your deals (Excel)

      The book and tool-kit give you a step-by-step "how you can do it" plan to buy a good business without using your own money for the down-payment!