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    Young entrepreneur seeking mentor!

    waacst Newbie
      Hello, I am a young man seeking to start a new hobby store in Livingston, Montana.
      I have the starts of a business plan but I am unsure where to turn for investors, capital, loans, etc.
      Looking for someone possibly to take me under their wing, sort of speak, and looking for a heads up on how I should go about officially inquiring into the matter... The business does not exist at this current time nor have I taken the steps such as a business liscence and such, but I would like to make sure I am taking the proper steps to make sure that it will be possible to accomplish my goal.. before I go about taking the legal steps... Please Help!
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          waacst Newbie
          i guess i better revise this.... just looking for someone to give me pointers and get me started in the right direction! Please Help!!
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Young entrepreneur seeking mentor, Welcome.

            I am a SCORE counselor and YES SCORE does mentor people in business.

            How can I help?? SCORE and I can also help with your business plan.

            When do you plan on starting this business??

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                waacst Newbie
                well to be honest i havent decided when to start yet... i havent gotten that far.. but I know i am not ready to apply for any kind of liscensing or anything.. right now it is simply an idea in my head that I know I want to do and am very serious about... What I am looking for is some help on what I should do to get myself started, what steps I should take... i have never attempted this before and i guess you could say that im clueless!.... i know how to run it but i dont know how to start it!
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                    LUCKIEST Guide
                    Young entrepreneur seeking mentor

                    Where to start, Start by developing a Business Plan. A Bus Plan services as a tool
                    to get you started.
                    You can get info on a Bus Plan at a Book Store, Library or SCORE.
                    SCORE is FREE

                    Again LUCKIEST
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                      iEntrepreneur Newbie
                      Hey, I am a Graduate Student in Entrepreneurship. I have many ideas in my mind but didn't know how to make those an opportunity. That's why I am attending this program, and believe me, it is changing my world of understanding. I know there are prospective entrepreneurs around who have ideas but do not know how to make them big. That is why I have started a system of learning and experience, covering all the aspects of my graduate studies in entrepreneurship deliverable to those young aspiring entrepreneurs. My website is located at Please take a look at that and tell me if you need more help. Also, there are no shortcuts to success. You need to know ins and outs of business as well. Everything is covered on there.
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                      fiorza Newbie
                      A good first step is to purchase a domain name for your company. You can also start learning some simple HTML and JavaScript. This will allow you to more effectively advertise your business so that your future customers can easily find you. Also, consider finding a partner with complementary skills. You can efficiently divide tasks, bring different perspectives to challenges that you face, and most importantly share your joys and frustrations as you build your business.

                      Fiorza Luxe
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                        I wrote a recent post on my blog titled, "The Home Based Business: It Is What you Make It".


                        Here's the link:




                        Now although it is titled for a home based business, I give 12 criteria to commit to for launching and growing a successful business. They are:


                        1. Create a business that integrates with your life plans of personal and economic goals.
                        2. Be passionate about your business and the market that you are servicing.
                        3. Build a business that is an extension of your strengths and experience. Know your weaknesses. Have them covered by others, but manage the results.
                        4. Research your market (overall industry, competitors and customers). Make sure that the market is large enough to meet your financial goals (determine what phase of the s-curve it is in).
                        5. Have a business plan. Create a plan based upon a unique value proposition for your market at a reasonable price.
                        6. Make sure that you are well funded.
                        7. Get involved within your industry. Build a network of mentors, business associates and joint venture partners.
                        8. Know your financial limits. Don't operate beyond your means.
                        9. Take action. Stay involved. Don't let your business coast on autopilot.
                        10. Provide a consistent, beneficial experience for your customers.
                        11. Review your business and market on a regular basis.
                        12. Make definitive choices and adapt quickly to the changes in your market.


                        After reading this, let me know if you have any questions.


                        Hope this helps.


                        Doug Dolan


                        The Solopreneur's Guide


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                            Sassyjo Wayfarer
                            You know Sologuide, besides number 6 holding me back. I believe mine is sitting on number 9. I'm on autopilot. I don't like that feeling. I have even gone and asked a few business owners if they know of anyone who would like to invest in a small business with me. Well that is in the works so hopefully i will hear something there. I just don't have the funding, but i have everything else. I just have to wait and see.