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    Private Investors and Angels Needed.. Do you have a Source?

    TBG_Global Newbie
      We are currently working with several national promoters who are in the process of producing shows, concerts and films. There are opportunities for private investors to provide venture funds from $25K to $250K for 60 to 180 days with a return of 17% to 35% gross over the investment period.

      For instance a $35,000 investment can return up to $47,250 in 120 days. A profit of $12,2250 would be made which is the equivalent of over 100% annualized interest rate.

      All transactions are done utilizing a contract through a national law firm and bonding and performance insurance are provided by the promoter thru a 3rd party. Most events are ticket thru TicketMaster and security and lock box options are available.

      Please contact Anthony at or reply to this posting. All information will be kept confidential. NO COMMISSIONS OR APPLICATION FEES WILL BE PAID. REFFERALS FEES WILL BE LIMITED TO 2%.

      Thank you for your consideration and assistance.