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    Looking for investors.

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      . My husband died a few years ago after a long struggle with heart problems , heart transplant. I took his death very hard he left me with many problems emotional and finanacial. I was a mid 30's widow. But I had a Angel who helped me thru it and who also was able to help me thru many of my own health problems. I owe my life to this friend.


      This friend is the best in the world. He has the greatest character of any man I have ever seen . He is an excellent business man and a excellent and successful real-estate investor. He is in the process of starting a realesate project and is looking for investors. Do to him helping me and bring my friend it caused him some financial hardships. I am begging you and hoping with all that is in my heart that you will be able to at least listen to his ideas and possible help him. He is excellent in real estate and has a wonderful business idea.


      I am looking for investors to help a friend!!


      Thankyou Dina Morgan