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    I can't seem to find a Doctor: Marketing

    billspecial Wayfarer
      I am new to the Forum I stumbled on it through Bank of America online banking for my small business. I am looking for anyway to get my business out there to Doctors, I have a web site, no hits and no luck calling doctor offices to advertise my services. I own a Medical Billing company.If anyone has any other marketing ideas for me I would appreciate it.
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          cartess3 Wayfarer
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          Have you tried direct mailing postcards?


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          One thing you should do is compile a list of providers that
          file their paper claims to the various medical insurance carriers. The best
          place to start is at your local Medicare office. Most physicians tend to
          process some of their claims thru Medicare each month… The good news for you is
          that Medicare know which physicians file their claims electronically, and they
          ALSO know which physicians do not file ELECTRONIC claims, and these are the
          physicians you want to go after.


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          You can request this list under the Freedom of
          Information Act, although they may inform you that you must send your request
          in writing. I’d start out in your state first, and then as you get going, you
          can request this list in as many states as you want.

          What are some of the other things you've tried? Advertising/Marketing is something that must be done consistently, not just when things are going good (or bad). It has to be consistent...

          What type of material are you giving to these Docs so they can make an informed decision about using your services?

          Cartess Ross

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            snipperred Scout
            Hi there,

            I might be able to offer some insight. I reviewed your website. A 6% fixed rate should be good enough to get your foot in the door. However, there are more competitive options out there. I think one of the opportunities you have is in the sheer overload physicians' offices are facing with aggressive marketing. The fact is there is so much out there being brought to their attention, few docs or their staff have the time to go through them all, choose the one that is best for their needs, or handle the risks associated with set up/ immigration. How you market and what you offer need to be the same- that is present yourself as an intelligence based solution that appeals to the physicians' or physicians' administrators sense of intelligence.

            My initial recommendations are as follows: A simple and cost effective marketing approach such as...

            1. Gather industry/ regional statistical data on the top 5 EMR and top 5 Billing Service rates- graph out in a simple and bold visual and bottom line summary- with your rate/ volume compared. Should be presentable on one side of a one fold greeting card. Decision makers strongly desire an immediately intuitive representation of advantage and I think you'd be surprised how many do not know the answer to the question of "How much are you paying for your billing?"- Avoid asking it strait out though. Compel them to ask the question for themselves. Make sure your company name, website, and phone are on the bottom line.

            2. On the opposite side, create a friendly and professional message to the physicians' patrons along the lines of, "Please remember to update us on any changes to your insurance information." You can do this with your own color printer and small purchase of high grade card stock. Think counter display option. So top three questions that staff should be asking that cause delays in collection such as insurance carrier, deductible, and copay. Also a simple graphic of the Visa/ Mastercard logos which also helps imply payment by credit card is an option. I would go so far as to design an insert for a sticky note tablet with the questions printed- this way the patron can write it down without having to say their personal information out loud. I also suggest you target specific offices. Do a little research and toss on their name/ logo. Otherwise an annual calendar might do. Patients will often ask for them.

            3. O.K. so you've got four sides on a two fold. So what I suggest for the other side is a seasonal thematic greeting/ thank you to the physicians' office. You've got the 4th of July coming up so can start with that. As you know, depending on what time of year, there's always an angle of collections that is predominant i.e. open enrollments, deductable start, deductable used. Perhaps a quick note of industry advice or news- but keep both lightly toned and to the point.

            4. So your last field/side should be the main features of your business. Also include a personal picture of you and if you have an office staff / office- show that too. Otherwise I suggest a little Far Side type office humor. You'd be surprised, but any friendly offices usually puts up their seasonal thank you cards- so remember one for each office including billing.

            5. Knock on doors. I know it is a burden for you and physicians/ their staff are even more burdenned by all the walk-in solicitor visitors they get. However, it works and is an art form employed by specialist offices seeking referrals and pharma reps. Whoever you have do it must be sharp- period. Any attractive healthy looking college student would do. They should be able to get to the point in 10 seconds, present the card with the 4 point value added features, and elaborate or leave without being awkward. All you need to do to enter intelligently is to go in with an interest in meeting the office manager, learning their rep policies (and respecting them), and offering a friendly introduction to your services.

            6. Provide separate business cards (as many as they want) and I highly suggest promoting your insurance/ billing expertise as a free consultation upon request- for office staff or patients. Can include that on your card. Reps used to give a lot of pens but seem to be trending away from that. A pen with your name and logo written very small should be acceptable. Some stars and stripes for the 4rth or pumpkins or turkeys or christmas ornaments- you get the picture. My little idea for you gives you an excuse to follow up sending periodic cards (via mail or in person) with refills on info, usable features, tablets, and toys.

            7. Finally, don't try to compete with their established billing infrastructure. Instead, become friends with them specifically, look for ways to be on call help for them as needed, and learn as much as you possibly can about how they do and using what tools. I suggest creating a blog, message board, or community forum on your site so industry professionals can look into your online front for information, news, and networking. There is obviously a range in competence and you want to definately appeal to the A Type performers for your own recruiting and possibly as a staffing resource for your physician clients when they go through turnover. Unfortunately, it is simply more cost effective to hire one or two with an EMR. You can be assured though, physicians will always understaff accordingly! Plus, finding the A Types is the challenge- maybe 1 for every 100 who actually know and do the game rather than just took some course and have no idea. So maybe a little monthly industry newsletter, an A type quiz, and key industry information/ updates through e-mail or print if they prefer. You should make an effort to schedule two lunches a year for the whole office with no obligation other than saying hi- but offer inservices on coding updates both staff and physicians can look out for- an excel type handout can work. You can offer to collaborate with their biller. Last but not least, take the biller/s out to the nicest restaraunt you can afford once a year- I think you get my drift.

            I prefer to remain anonymous for the time being. I'll check back to the forum to see if you replied sometime in the next month. I'd like to hear how you received my idea/ insights and if it works out for you. If you really need help then I might consider offering my services.

            Best of luck!
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                Iwrite Pioneer
                Snipperred has given you great advice!!

                I want to add that since everyone is marketing heavy to the doctors - you may want to whisper while everyone yells. Get the office managers away from the office, invite them to dinner (nice, but not expensive) and talk to them, get to know them without trying to sell them. Listen to them and come to understand what they need and enjoy the dinner. The next day, send them a thank you card and include a "short" note about how you might be able to help them.

                Your target is not the doctors, it is the office manager. They will drive the doctor towards whatever decision they think is best for the practice.
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                  billspecial Wayfarer
                  Snipperred!, That was the best advice I've heard, thank you. It all makes since, I have an Office Manager now that is interested but she does not have the time to go to my website or review the information I faxed to her. Without being a bother I want to get noticed, so your advice lets me know just what to do. Thank You again!