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    Small business lokking for investor

    Shakti Newbie
      I have had various managerial and accounting experience. I have managed medium size companies in my career. I am now working as a manager in a Convenience store in Virginia for last 3 years and I I have lerant a great deal about how to mange and run it. I want to start a convenience or a gas store of my own. However, I have every thing - devotion to work, hard working metality and physically, honesty, skill and even manpower except the required capital to start this business. Is there any help available? Thanks
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Small business looking for investor, Welcome

          YES Is there any help available.

          How much capital??, LUCKIEST
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              Shakti Newbie
              I may need One hunder thoousand ( 100,000) to three hundred thousand ( 300,000) dollars to buy a good running and profitable Convenience store or a gas station. I could develop a project report, business or a cash flow plan once I learn that funding could be possible. In any case there is Industry standrads of profitability for Conveninece store and gas station, which is roughly 30 % of the total revenue. The rent, utilities and wages ( My family will run the business, so there is no need to pay wages to others, it will also speed up the laon payment process) will have to be paid by this 30 % margin. Thanks
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              If you have not done it yet; the best starting point for you is to get what you want to do down on paper. Developing your business plan helps you to make your dream a reality; but only if you work at it to do the things necessary to reach your goal. A good business plan is something that funding sources and/or prospective investors are going to want to see so that should be your priority at this point. In general, Business Plans should consist of the following:

              1. Executive Summary
              2. Market Opportunity
              3. Vision, Mission, & Objectives
              4. Management
              5. Business Strategy
              6. Competition
              7. Risk
              8. Financial Plan/Capital Requirements
              9. Summary

              How complex and comprehensive your plan should be depends on what you plan to use it for. This generally falls into 3 categories:


              1. Internal Planning (to form the business)
              2. Internal Planning and presentation to close contacts that might want to invest in the business.
              3. Internal Planning, close contacts presentation and presentation to experienced investors and/or sources of funding for the business.


              Business plans can range from 10 pages to 50+. Simpler business plans (really more of an extended Executive Summary) are usually 10 pages or so and would primarily be used for internal planning purposes. These type plans are less complex. Plans for presentation to personal funding sources or investor-ready business plans designed for professional investor presentation are longer and much more comprehensive (they have to be to cover all of the aspects of your business that an investor or funding source is going to want to know about).


              There are a number of resources you can find online (some free, some not) that can help you with your business plan. Just enter "help with business plan" or "business plan" in any search engine and you will find many sources to check out. One site that you might find useful is:


              Also, you can search within this online community for "business Plan" and find many postings, some from experienced business professionals, that might be useful to you as well.


              I hope that helps; good luck with your business plans.


              Dennis Lowery
              Adducent, Inc.