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    Saving Money on building your website


      Do i have to hire a pro to build my webstore or is there any way to do it spending less money.
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          Lighthouse24 Ranger

          There are lots of ways to do it yourself and save money (as with almost any other professional service that a small business might utilize -- and the same basics questions apply when deciding if you can and should do it yourself).

          If you only need a basic "presence" on the web that contains mainly information about you and your business, then there are free or nearly free DIY tools and templates offered by most hosting companies that are easy to use. The more complex your needs, however, the more the decision is similar to do-it-yourself payroll, tax prep, and other accounting functions -- i.e., you reach a point where you'll probably want to bring in a pro.

          If you can provide some more information that explains what you want from your site -- or better yet, if you can provide the URL for another business' site that reflects what you'd want -- then I'm sure other members of the community can help guide you to the right solution.

          Best wishes.
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            pacific2008 Newbie
            Well, I would advice you to go to

            You can post your requirement and/or choose different providers based on their feedback and portfolio. There are webdesigners from all over the world, including USA of course.

            But it is a nice web to check.

            Good luck...
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              DIDING24 Newbie
              Hi, I know a company that build business and personal website for a very affordable price. Check out . Goodluck!
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                Bridge Navigator

                You can try going to

                They offer everything form basic webhosting to a "Website Tonight" package where you can build your own website with professional templates - no programming skills needed.

                Prices are cheap.

                Best of Luck!
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                  PhilippKnoll Wayfarer
                  Hallo Gaithersburd!

                  I bet you will find this offer interesting:

                  Inspired by the lovedollar articles written by Steve Pavlina ( I decided to start my $100 website project. You get a full business website including all features for $100! You can start your business right away.

                  I assure you that there are no strings attached. I would not even misuse this forum for advertising if you wouldn't ask.
                  Feel free to check out my website and contact me using the contact form at the website.

                  I would be glad to help!
                  Philipp Knoll