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    Would you advertise your business in the Yellow Pages?

    HumanArrow Adventurer
      Times have changed. There are many other ways to get company information such as online or on the company's website. Is advertising your business with the Yellow Pages worth it?


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          Iwrite Pioneer
          It really depends on the type of business you are in.

          I think there are a lot of businesses that see a real spike from the yellow pages. But for an advertising agency, I would be a bit concerned if a client pick me from the Yellow Pages, the same is true for a doctor, accountant, financial advisor or lawyer (although a lot of people do find lawyers that way).

          It really comes down to what type of business you offer and how people traditionally look for types of your businesses. Immediate needs like plumbing, locksmiths, fast food, repairs - people tend to go to the Yellow Pages because it offers variety.

          I hope that helped.
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            Lighthouse24 Ranger
            Do I advertise my business in the YP? No.

            I concur with iwrite. The situation that causes some customers to need a specific product or service makes the web the best listing source in many instances (and more every day, because as you said, times are changing) -- but not always. For example, if I were an electrician or bail bondsman, I'd be thinking that many of my potential new customers probably don't have Internet access at the time they need my service, nor are they going to take time to do a lot of comparison shopping -- so I'd invest in a good YP ad. Likewise, if segment of my business' customers were "walk-ins" from out-of-town, I probably have a YP ad (if someone is on business or vacation travel in a strange city and wants a pizza, needs a haircut, or has to have a car repaired, which is he/she more likely to use -- the web or the phone book?).

            For most businesses, a YP ad probably isn't worth it -- but there are some where it certainly is.
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              AtlantaKid Wayfarer

              This is an excellent question. I also have the same dilemma what type of advertising I should suggest to my clients. Today, I have posted a similar question about PPC campaigns.
              I have decided to just test it first before spending a whole lot. As for the yellow pages, I agree with all the responses. I would like to add though is that though advertising has dramatically changed course due to the internet, there is some good portion of world's population still using some sort of Yellow pages directories.
              Just yesterday, I have read in here that some new company in Mexico is relying on yellow pages. So, my take on this is, you don't totally ignore YPs but you study your targeted market first. On the other hand, there are yellow pages on the internet too.



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                eversuhoshin Wayfarer

                I always thought yellow pages were dead until I visited my friend's family and saw old people. To them Yellow Page is their Google. So I can't say it's dead but declining. YPs also know this fact so they all have some kind of Web Presence. But again, it really depends on the industry.


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                  JoeReuth Newbie
                  It really depends on two factors: 1) does your business specialize in something that people turn to when they have an emergency (re: broken water pipe or autobody shop); 2) does your business target customers over 55+. If you can answer yes to either, then you should strongly consider having a yellow pages presence.

                  If your business does not cater to either of these, then you very likely will get a bigger bang for your marketing dollars by investing them elsewhere. The internet has replaced the yellow pages for most people, especially with Google targeting local search criteria.

                  In my area of expertise - independent retail store owners - we advise them to invest their marketing dollars elsewhere.


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                    John_6x6 Adventurer
                    Well this post may not be much help to you by now but for those just finding this and researching, yes, the phone book is a waste. Check out this podcast on CNBC: