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    quick books 08

    nancyb Newbie
      I have quick books simple addition just leaning to use it , need to know how to fix some banking problems which shows i have more income then my bank statement shows. need some info to help with other areas as well.
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          amspcs Ranger
          Details, please. Have you reconciled your bank statement on your QB software? If your software disagrees with your bank statement and you are positive that your figures are right, I'd suggest you contact your bank.

          Beyond that, there are many professional QB advisors out there, including LUCKIEST who is an active participant in this forum who I am sure you will hear from soon. Also, if your QB software is new, you are entitled to free phone support for a limited period of time---I would contact them as well.

          By the way, if you are intending to utilize your QB Simple Start software for credit card processing, do not do so via the direct links you'll see via your software. We are affiliates and can offer you much better pricing. For example, their setup fee is $59, ours if free. Their monthly fee is $17.95, ours is $12.95. Other than the lower fees and prices, the merchant service offered is EXACTLY the same no matter from whom you order it, provided by Innovative Merchant Solutions, owned by Intuit,the owners of QuickBooks.

          Please contact me at with questions.


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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Quick books 08, Welcome

            *As amspcs said "there are many professional QB advisors out there,
            including LUCKIEST*
            *who is an active participant in this forum who I am
            sure you will hear from soon."*

            I will be happy to give you a call and see if I can help.

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                nancyb Newbie
                what I did when I first started the program I added my checks from clients and also added my depoisits which I believe only needs one of those added, so now I have just added my clients checks with each invoice. My problem is I now have all the bank depoisits which I need to take out before I reconcile it so it comes out rihgt with my income bank statement. I am new at this but I only need help to clear this up before taxes come due again.

                any help will be greatly appreciated.
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                jad_cpa Wayfarer

                Within in this group you have some CPA and QB Advisors, I am one myself, visit my profile and send me a mail. I would be happy to help you.