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    Angel Lender or Sponsorship

    Jevante King-Woods Newbie

      I am trying to figure out how to best go about getting an angel loan or someone to sponsor the clothing line me and my brothers have started. We have been doin well for ourselves so far but we feel it is time to expand. We have got request to come on promotional tours but since we all are college students with full-time jobs and bills and I myself have a child along with one of the designers all of the money goes back into ordering shirts and putting them in the cities they need to be in.

      I am looking simply some advice on where to go to look for such help or someone who can help us in general.

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          Lighthouse24 Ranger

          You'll want to develop an investment proposal. It's similar to a business plan, except instead of thinking only in terms of what will make you a profit, you think and write it in terms of what guarantees your investor a profit. Also, since you have operated the business successfully so far and feel you are ready to expand, you want to include and highlight your business history, experience, and success. In addition, you need the proposal to explain what makes you, your company, and your products unique and competitive on a larger scale. Finally, you'll need to include a thorough marketing plan and credible financial projection for the expansion you're envisioning.

          If you have a good track record, have identified a solid customer base, have implemented a sound operational infrastructure, and are really ready to grow -- then you probably have a better chance than most of finding a serious investor. The first step, though, is to prepare your proposal. Paint a picture of the bigger, better version of your business that an investor would want to be a part of.

          Hope that helps. Welcome to the community and best wishes.

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