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    Woman's Expo

    garagewoman Newbie
      Hi Everyone,

      My husband & I are going to be in a Woman's Expo in PA in October. We are in auto repair and will be the only auto repair facility at this expo. We are planning on offering "free" clinics to all ladies who want to know a little more about their vehicles in the weeks that follow the expo. We are also planning on giving about things. Any suggestions? I thought maybe car emergency kits, key chains, possible a car wash bucket with car care products. Is is the first time we've tried something like this and thought it would be a good way to get our name out there. thanks.
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          Iwrite Pioneer
          Now, something I know. I really like the safety kit or the bucket with your logo on everything in it!

          I think this is a great idea. I love the idea of the free clinics. Maybe even a special Woman's Expo discount card. Don't forget to get mailing and email addresses for future offers.
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            Lighthouse24 Ranger
            Keep-it Clips (like you put on a big bag of chips you've opened) are very economical to purchase with custom imprints, and everybody seems to appreciate and use them. If the show was either down here or coming up sooner, I'd say windshield sun screens (also economical to imprint, but probably not the right promo item for PA in October). There's a nifty little keychain gadget that has a lock de-icer and flashlight built in that would be ideal for the place and time, but I think it runs about $10 imprinted, which is probably a little expensive for a giveaway -- but it might be an idea for a doorprize or something.
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              Uncle Leon Tracker
              Having owned a photography studio (and color lab) for over 30 years, the annual woman's expo was my very best advertising medium. - Even better than bridal shows.

              Here's a way to acquire leads: Have a drawing for something significant ($250-$1,000 retail value). Ideally, something that cost you only a fraction of the retail value. Require registration at your booth. On the "entry forms", in addition to "contact" information, have questions that will give you information as to who may be your potential customers. All questions must be answered in order to be eligible. Have your drawing during the last 10 minutes of the last day of the show. (This allows registrations throughout the show). It doesn't matter who wins. You just want the names. Let one of the show officials draw the winner.

              After the show, Buy an ad in the local newspaper to announce the winner, along with a picture of you presenting the certificate for the item won. (This is for the purpose of credibility)

              Go through the entries and select those who could be your customers. Call each one and tell them that although they did not win, you are giving them an oil change (or other common need) for only $???. (This should be just enough to break even but not profit.) You want it to be so low that they will use it. The goal is to get them to use your service the first time.

              When they arrive, treat them like royalty. (A cup of coffee, etc.) Unless a fan belt is falling off, DON'T TRY TO SELL EXTRA SERVICES ! That's a turn-off. You're trying to gain a permenant customer, not a one-time profit.

              Keep in mind...using your service one time is only an inttroduction. Two times strengthens the bond with the new customer. Three times begins to develop a 'habit" as well as a permament customer.

              By the could sell certificates at the show for a $10.00 oil change (expires in 90 days).

              Best of luck and God's blessings.
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                  garagewoman Newbie

                  Thanks for the great ideas. I'm planning on doing a smaller drawing on the hour, something smaller like a emergency kit for the car or a bucket with cleaning supplies. I plan on handing out magnets with our info on and we are offering a "free" woman's clinic in the weeks following the show. I've spoke with some of our current woman customers and they are ready exciting about the clinics and want to know if we can offer a man's or even 1st time drivers clinic as well. I thought that would be a great thing for the winter when you're looking for different things to do (we live in PA so being indoors is always a plus). I'm also starting a newsletter for my current as well as my "new names" with helpful times on maintaining your vehicle and cost cutting ideas to get better gas mileage too!


                  Thanks again.