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    Export Questions

    DC_Trade Newbie

      I run a small company that sells specialized fashion accessories, in particular hand-made purses. I currently sell them in my one store and online and ship goods all across the country. I have had inquiries regarding selling the purses internationally as well. What rules do I need to abide by when entering the international market? Am I subject to export laws if I am only shipping one item at a time through mail carriers? Where would I find the rules governing this?

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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Export Questions, Welcome

          You run a small company that sells specialized fashion accessories. Where??
          How long have you been in business??

          You need a Lawyer who knows international law.

          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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            Lighthouse24 Ranger

            As long as you're shipping to customers who are buying for personal use (not resale), and as long as the items you're sending are not listed as prohibited or restricted for import into the country you're sending them to, then you'll have no problem. The major carriers make it pretty easy to check each nation's regulations on-line, and to prepare the necessary customs and shipping documents. It may seem like a lot of reading and extra work initially, but once you've done it a few times, it becomes a piece of cake.

            You can see everything USPS has on-line to help you through the process here:



            Hope that helps. Welcome to the community and best wishes.
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              jmba1943 Newbie
              As long as your products do not include any item of strategic importance as identified in the US export control list, you can ship your products anywhere in the world.

              A word of caution do not start producing product for an order untill you have cash on hand at least enough to cover materials and labor from the buyers-- just because a company is large and has a long history does not mean you will be treated fairly.

              You do not want to handle customs formalities and duties in any foreign country, consequently your terms of sale should be "ex-works" at your facility this means that all expenses and charges beyond your door are to the account of the buyers do not sell DDP delivered duty paid unless you own and manage an operation in both the origin and destination countries.

              If the buyer needs you to arrange the shipping you can still do so by having them prepay the shipping charges when they transfer the funds to your account.

              You can set up an account with UPS of Fedex and they will tell you what the charges will be
              and they can sell the cargo insurance--. Request that they test and approve your shipping cartons, skids, or boxes. so if there is any damage in transit they can't claim your goods are not properly packed.

              for best result your invoices should have four component:

              price of the item: ex-works your city & address
              packing and handling charge:
              shipping charges+10% handling
              Insurances charges + 10% handling




              Collecting payments can be tricky because there are a lot of Frauds, consequently I do not accept credit cards except through Paypal.

              I believe in shiping no earlier than five working days after the funds are credited to your account.

              I have been paid through western union handling transactions up to US $100,000.00 transfered in 20 $5,000.00 increments.

              I have been helping clients from 85 countries for over 35 years manage international transactions. In 99.99% of all transaction a lawyer is not required.

              Need More call me about specifics. Insurance, Transport Modes, Packaging, Agencies etc..@ +1- (918)622-3775

              Best Regards,

              Jeff M B Addison
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                Green1 Adventurer
                It would also be beneficial for you to review and verify the laws of import for your ship to location. There are many new or revised regulations for restricted, prohibited and toxic goods, testing of goods, etc.