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    Looking for $10 million for project development

    jtengland Newbie
      I own a parking company that was est. in 2001 and am looking for someone that has $10,000,000.00 to invest over three or four years. We have been very succsessfull in securing and fufilling $300,000.00 - $500,000.00 annual contracts for municipalities but have indured high operating costs thus leaving us with limited funds for development projects that we seek to do. Bottom line, we have found a great opportunity in a parking lot development deal but lack the funds to follow through at this point. This investment could be paid back in full over the course of 3 to 4 years and bring the investor a healthy amount of residual income for at least 50 years or more. After development is complete the minimum annual gross income should be around $5 million and could reach $15 million with about 1 million in annual operating cost.
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          Mjw486 Newbie
          Hi my name is Maxwell and I am with Numa Financial Group. We offer a variety of unconventional products. I would like to contact you and further discuss your financial needs. Please email me at I look forward to doing business with you.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Looking for $10 million for project development

            WOW, Who are you?? Where are You??
            Can I see Financial Reports for prior years??
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              designer Tracker
              I don't really think $10mm is really considered "small" business? I have been in banking for nearly 30 years....less than $1m is considered non-profit and mom/pop shops, $1 up to $10 is considered "commercial" accounts, $10 and over is "global"....good luck, though!
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                FundConcierge Newbie
                I may be able to help. Please see my web site and contact me.

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                  Mark SLF Wayfarer

                  If you have an appraisal and a development budget then I may be able to help you.
                  Please forward an executive summary of your project to


                  Thank you,


                  Mark Lomas


                  Spotlight Financial LLC


                  888-600-6039 ext 169
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                    Favour Newbie



                    i am interested in funding your project as long as it is worth it.
                    Can you kindly email me with more better details as regards to it for my perusal
                    and more.

                    Kind Regards,

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                      neubauer.adam Wayfarer

                      I represent RFG INC. and would like to discuss in further detail the scope of your project. From your initial numbers, it appears that we can become valuable partners in achieveing your goal for your parking company. My company specializes in securing capital for individuals seeking commercial loans. Please feel free to call me directly with any questions at your earliest convenience\\
                      Adam Neubauer
                      Intake Specialist
                      RFG, Inc.
                      Direct: (815)793-5743
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                        Loan_doctor Newbie
                        We can help you with this. Contact me ASAP!


                        Kari Moore
                        National Account Executive
                        Small Business Capital, LLC
                        (260) 460-0587 Cell
                        (269) 216-4626 Fax