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    A $10 Domain Name Sold Out With $2.6Million

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      Dear All Forumist,

      May be you all are seldom exposed to this topic - "Domain Name Internet Business."

      As this is the first time I join this forum, I would like to share some of my Internet Business Ideas in Domain Name selling game with you.Eventually, you'll notice that how to spend less than $10 to purchase a potential high value Domain Name and then sold it out in high profit. You also can leave any opinions or suggestions to me after complete reading this.

      First of all, let us look back to my head line - "A $10 Domain Name Sold Out With $2.6Million." Is it real?

      Refer to a report announced by Yahoo!, a Domain Name "" was sold out with this impressive high price - $2.6Million on April 2008. Read this report from the following link and also find out "The Top Ten Most Expensive Domain Name Ever Sold In The Previous Year."

      Why this Domain Name Traders are so lucky until they able to own a "Million Dollar" Domain Name? In fact, they are not lucky. They only posses some professional skills and understand the rules to play in this game. By doing some homework and study you also be able to obtain that successful skills as like them.

      Here let us find out a very useful strategy how to choose a HIGH VALUE Domain Name.


      Frequently Misspelled Words Go For High Price.


      Frequently misspelled names can go for a high price. Example the word "mortgage" always wrong spelled by the Internet users and caused "" went for $242,400 during April 2006.Use the following Internet free tools to help you find out which misspelled Domain Name contain a HIGH PROFIT VALUE.


      Misspelled Word Generator Type a popular word that you think the Internet users frequently used to surf the Internet into this Misspelled Word Generator, example like "dating", "fitness", "health", "smoking", "soccer", "computer" and so on. This software will help you to generate a list of misspell words automatically that related to your keyword just like "compputer", "coputer", "copmuter", etc. Then apply those misspell words into another useful Internet tool-Solobis Good Keyword to check out how often those word is mis-typed by the Internet users. The more often that word is mis-typed, the more profit you can earn from when you register it as your Domain Name.

      Hope you just get another new idea to earn money from internet and enjoy reading.

      You can leave your comment or just let me know if you wish to know some more strategies on how to select a potential HIGH VALUE Domain Name.