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    Time is of the essence

    songwolffarm Adventurer
      Ok, so here`s the deal. My fiance` and I just started the business, but we`ve been thinking about it for a year. We`re so broke we took out payday loans, and have 3. Our credits are both horrible due to family members using our name to buy things, ex relationships, and we`re working on fixing what they did. But at this time, we need $2,500 before the 25th or we`re in some serious problem. We have no business plan but we know what we need, where we`re going, and how to get there. All we need is the $2,500 to get us through the month then some additional help in early July.
      Our business isn`t the usual "ecommerce, or online store" which makes it hard to get funding. The breeding season is over so money is near impossible to get in. We can get a merchant acount through paypal but even with that, it won`t generate money until we get funds to purchase the race horses that are on the track now bringing in winnings. I can provide photos of horses, some pedigrees, and mention what horses we intend to purchase.
      But we need to transport 1 horse before the 30th, and owe $1,035 on the horse, and about $1,200 transportation fee.
      The property we have picked out is 570 acres which has riding arena already located in Mason, Wisconsin. We`ve decided on our builder as well. We have a contract of sale on a breeding stallion who will bring in $2,000 covers and the season will start in early March and I do know something about marketing.

      Things are so tight that with our wedding 1 month away, we have no caterer, no cake, no photographer, no videographer, no dresses, no tuxes, can`t send out invites, so please...if I could I`d be down on my knees...
      We can be reached at 715-331-9528