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    Seeking start-up funds

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      I am seeking advice on how to secure capital to start a small business and would probably need around 100-150K to start. I am not sure what the typical business loan amount is best and how difficult it may be to secure funding. I am in the process of writing a business plan but will need a good amount of capital to help pay for a website, attorney's, office lease, computer equipment, software, phones, etc. Where can I find some specific information about small business loans, rates, terms, etc. Any advice that you could provide would be greatly appreciated.
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            MoneyGuy Adventurer
            *Many economists are predicting that in 2 years, over 50% of all
            businesses will be home based because of how much our newer technology
            makes it possible. Direct Distribution is becoming the method of choice
            for many manufacturers to get products out to the public as
            inexpensively as possible!*

            *With Gas Prices going through the roof, It only makes sense to find a
            way to telecommute from home instead of commuting to another location
            to make other people rich. Businesses are saving money and resources by
            not leasing Retail or Commercial space to set up a lot of cubicles for
            people to sit and use the same technology that all of us can have at

            *Also, the average Business startup as of this year is $88,000. 95%
            of all new businesses fail within the first year of operation. Any of
            the surviving businesses usually only see any profit at all in 3 or
            more years.*
            How would you like to be making money and get your investment of $65.00 to $199.00 back in less than a week?
            *The main reason for failure is because the new business owners are
            unable to be creative or unique enough to capture the consumers in the
            marketplace. They put a huge amount of capital into advertising and
            usually get too small of a return on their investment. The usual return
            on the normal method of advertising is 1 to 2 percent. They can usually
            only afford to conduct business on a local basis until profits will
            allow them to expand Regionally, Nationally, or even Internationally.
            There is always increasing overhead like building rent, Product
            inventory to be on shelves, warehousing, happy and unhappy employees,
            payroll deductions, benefits, utilities, business licensing. The list
            goes on.*

            What is the solution? How can the ordinary person get extraordinary results from starting up their own Home Based Business?

            1) They want to seek out a company with a long track record of continued success.
            2) They want to work with a company that already has a marketing plan and an affordable advertising campaign in place.
            3) The product or service they offer should be something that EVERYONE Everywhere needs.
            4) What the business offers must be very consumable and could allow repeat orders on a monthly or weekly basis.
            5) The company must be solvent and be able to pay you what you earn on time Every Month.
            *6) You have the ability to have a pay day every day if you choose
            and not need to stock up on anything because everything can be drop
            shipped from online transactions.*
            *7) There is a mentoring system in place to show you how to build
            your business from experience instead of teaching theory and has a
            support group to plug in to when the occasional struggle, challenge, or
            bad day happens.*

            *If I could show you (and help you) invest 3-5 hours a week into
            YOUR OWN Home Based Business (internet based business) and you can
            SUPPLEMENT your income $500 - $1500 per Month WITHOUT affecting your
            Current Job or life style, Would THAT be of value to you?*

            I can provide you some FREE information about how to do that.

            *The opportunity that can provide all of the items on the list above
            is called the Financial Success System and it has a Multi-Million
            Dollar Internet Infrastructure already set up in over 64 countries
            internationally for Home Based Business Owners to simply plug in to and
            have an instant Global Presence in the marketplace, in an industry that
            is predicted to be a TRILLION Dollar industry in the next 18-24 months!
            It is already a 400 BILLION Dollar industry today. Last year our
            Independent Distributors did over 3.5 Billion dollars in business, all
            working from like me. In one year, my team has generated a quarter of a
            million dollars in revenue.*

            *Our online Advertising Campaign is also a Multi-Million Dollar
            Program that will bring you very interested leads from sources like
            Television, Radio, Satellite Radio, Internet, Magazine Ads, etc. You
            can invest as much or as little as you like for your leads and*
            *co-op with other Home Based Business Owners and keep costs very low.
            All of this for about $49.00 a month if you choose to participate.*

            *There are NO COLD CALLS. These leads come from people asking for
            more information about how to improve their lives and also be able to
            start a part time Home Based Business.*

            *Instead of investing that $88,000 to set up your own business and
            gamble that you will be among the 5% that won’t fail in the first year,
            you can spend a couple hundred dollars and plug in to an International
            Organization that has been around for 28 years and has enjoyed 18
            quarters of single AND double digit growth and is still growing. The
            company is traded on NYSE and is having great numbers.*

            *This is recession proof and economy proof. When the rest of the
            economy is going in the tank, our business is flourishing and the
            biggest amounts of money to be earned have not even happened yet.*

            *Imagine putting gas in your car only once or twice a month instead of
            maybe a couple times a week. It is getting to where gasoline is more
            expensive than monthly car payments and auto insurance costs combined
            for many people.*

            *Your next step is VERY Simple! Just simply visit my website and
            order a FREE training package. I believe so much in my business, that I
            will cover the cost of your training package and will invest $30.00 in
            to your future, only as long as you are SERIOUS. You have 14 days to
            review the DVD and if not interested, it can be returned by regular
            mail and no strings or obligations.*

            *If you live near the Portland Oregon area, you can contact me by
            email and we can arrange getting a training package to you very
            quickly. If ordering online, we want to get this information to you
            immediately so you can begin building your financial future from home
            NOW! This would require just covering the FedEx shipping fee of $9.95
            to get the package to you overnight and take advantage of working in
            the information age.*



            *Looking forward to serving and mentoring you in to as bright a
            future as you are willing to work hard for, and wishing you all the

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              LUCKIEST Guide
              Seeking start-up funds, Welcome

              Tell us more. Who are you?? Where are you?? How soon do you plan on starting this business??

              Can I read your business plan when completed??

              How long will you need the start up funds for?? And How and When will you pay me back??

              Do you know about SCORE?? SCORE is FREE