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    Private investment needed - established company

    Michael08 Newbie
      Established company 7 years old. We manufacture specialty unique surgical steel items in adult market and sell wholesale/ distribution only direct to stores, store chains and distributors. We have built a strong customer base worldwide with distribution and customers in Germany, Austrailia, New Zealand, UK, Norway & the US. Our company struggled through the first 5 years but our constant inovation and unique product lines have taken hold and exploded.

      Our company did not start with capital and the massive demand and growth has placed us in a bind. We require a quick injection to roll over the hump and proceed to the next level of our companies growth. We require $50,000 quickly. Though it is not a large amount it is enough to achieve this transition. Currently our production times are 3 weeks while our customers sell out times are running 1 to 1 1/2 weeks to re- order. We are losing 3 sometimes 4 orders per month per customer (15 to $30,000 of loss monthly) as we haven't been able to buy beyond demand to hold ready ship stock. Having finished stock for immediate shipment alone would almost triple our gross sales per month which are at between 12 to $15,000.

      We are offering twice the investment amount back for this investment. The total amount paid back would be $150,000 and would be recieved via 15% off the top of P&L monthly statement untill invesment and investment profit is paid. Please contact me regarding all the specific details of this only if you have access and ability to extend these funds quickly, the clock is running on our side to meet some crutail upcoming demands.

      Investment will be used for the following:
      2 machines that will make certain operations 300% faster.

      Raw stock and outside process cost for the volume needed above standing orders to achieve proper stock levels to support 3 week manufacture turns.

      Additional raw stock for producing the next run to replace moving stock

      Initial payroll support for adding another employee

      Meet show cost for our booth at important large volume buyer show in California to which we are being featured in the show mag.

      Remove small outstanding outside processes debt. ie... steel supplier.

      Now before its asked why we don't go through a tradtional lender. My wife/ business partner has MS and her medical bills toasted her personal credit, as well mine would not due. Though our company is spottless in this regard outside of one current small debt to a supplier, they do not distinguish us from the company itself.

      Is the return on this investment a trick?

      Hardly we are paying a premium for the investment for several sane reasons. We need it fast, we know what it will do for us, where it will lead short term and long. Further we are in essence buying out any permanent attachment or ownership in the company via investment in it. We will however at the close of investment amount payout choose one sku# (simple small staple product) in which from that time on 100% of the the monthly sales profit of that item will be payed out permanently (think of it as physical stock in the company) If such a time comes the sales fall below what we feel a reasonable royalty should be we reserve the right to switch that benefit to a different sku# that is performing better.

      This is not a joke so please only legitimate investors with the amount requested available reply.
      I can be contacted here to start with however would insist on personal conversation with anyone offering the investment amount.

      I can supply detailed info which shows where we currently are and if we achieve ready ship stock where we would be based on the timing intervals of our customers re-orders after receipt of wares. I hope this forum holds legitimate investors looking for a valued investment and I haven't erred in taking the time to post this. I am not comfortable in having to do this in this setting but the capital need is superceding that choice of comfort.