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    Retail gift shop needs POS-Inventory Mgt. System

    mtolleson Newbie
      We are a 2400 sq. ft. gift shop/boutique that has been in a fire and all merchandise is smoke damaged. We are having to take a physical inventory because we have no system. Can anyone out there make a recommendation. I've looked at lots of systems but it's quite confusing! HELP!
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Retail gift shop needs POS-Inventory Mgt. System. Where are you located??

          Welcome and sorry to hear about the fire. Hope you have good records and proper insurance.

          I am a Quickbooks consultant and yes Quickbooks does a great job of keeping inventory.

          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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            mtolleson Newbie
            I'm located in middle GA. I currenty use QB for my accounting and enter customers transactions in sales/invoices. A friend with a clothing store uses QB POS and hasn't been 100% happy. Your reacation?!
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                amspcs Ranger
                Re QuickBooks POS and your friend not being 100% happy. We have lots of QB POS systems out there, but I'm sure you can appeciate that nobody can please everybody. I'd have to know exactly what your friend is unhappy about in order to comment on it. Also, if he has an older system, he'd probably find the current version 7.0 to be a nice step forward. Some people do find QB a little unlike other systems they may have experience on, but all in all I have found it to be a quite dependable reasonably priced system with no major complaints, other then the fact that once you get the QB POS system you are pretty much limited to utillizing QB merchant services. That's not necessarily a bad thing...Intuit isn't a fly-by-night operator and they're reasonably competitive (not the cheapest, but certainly not the most expensive either).
                You could do a lot worse.

                Tip: Do NOT buy QB POS system (or anything Quicken or QuickBooks for that matter) directly from the QB site, or off the shelf retail. Their affilliates can get the same stuff MUCH cheaper wholesale direct from suppliers and resell for a whole lot less. This is especially true for Pos systems and periperals like card readers, etc. For whatever reason, QB margins are very high on their equipment.


                Earlier today I sent you some information to your email about QB POS 7.0 plus some EXCELLENT and well priced complete POS/inventory systems from Cynergy. Did you receive it? If not, please respond to and I'll be happy to re-send it.

                Good luck.

                B. Godofsky

                Earlier today I sent you so
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                RickFelten Adventurer

                mtolleson: I don't sell software so I have no dog in this fight! I have helped companies select the best software for their business and I'll give you some advise based on my experience.

                Don't know how robust your business is since the fire so this might be a great opportunity to assess your total business needs and find a 'business solution' that will successfully work for you today and 5 years or more down the road. This assessment will be the best source of determining what software you really need and which approach to take. It will save you money and time in the long run.

                The two approaches you face are: 1) purchase an add-on to your existing system (QB); and 2) purchase a new system. An advantage to adding on to your existing system is that you are only changing one aspect of your business (inventory management). The disadvantage is that it may not give you the best solution to your overall needs. The advantage of a new system is that it can give you everything you need/want in one clean package that is integrated and designed for your business. The disadvantage is that you must evaluate several packages to make the correct choice. This is time consuming.

                Here are some thoughts to keep in mind either way.

                1. Utility. What does your business need? Right now you have identified the need for inventory management due to the fire. You probably needed it long before the fire but only realized it now. Are there other needs that will improve your business down the road, POS, payroll, customer management/contact, web-enabled store front, improved accounting, purchasing? It is best to identify all of your needs now since you are really "starting over" with your operations (or so it seems). The last thing you want to be doing is figuring out what new software you need every year.

                2. Compatibility. You will make life much easier on yourself if you use the products from the same vendor (like QB). Often vendors who specialize in one particular venue (like QB specializes in accounting) create add-on packages that can be integrated nicely with their main products. They can be very good. They can also miss the mark as far as functionality because they are "second thoughts" to maintain their customer base and they don't always have the expertise to design a robust add-on product. Add-on never work perfectly. Look for that "total package" that meets your business needs today & tomorrow.

                3. Ease of use. No matter how great the product, if it is too tough to use no one will like it. It should fit your business style and not require you to do things differently just to meet the needs of the software. Ease of use is critical if you have more than one person operating the software. I wouldn't make this the #1 criterion but it would be in the top 5.

                4. Functionality. It doesn't make much sense to use software if it doesn't do what you need done. What ever course you select, make sure that it does what you need. Most business owners later regret taking 75% to 80% of what they really need.

                Hope this helps.

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                  mcryan Newbie
                  just ask if you still sarching of a POS-Inventory Mgt. System for gift shop. im willing render my sevices and i have existing system that can be customized for your need.


                  for more information :

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                  **POSXpress® Front-End Cashiering System
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                    hogg02 Wayfarer
                    Please check us out at TransActPOS. we have multiple gift
                    stores, hardware stores, etc all over the country. Please email me at
           or vist our website,, thanks!!!!! ;]

                    We have a local gift store right here in Madisonville, KY almost the exact size of yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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                      T.A.POS Adventurer
                      We would like to help, give us a call and we can talk about your store and give an affordable price that you can live with, we are here to help in a struggling economy to help maximize your profits.

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                        TampaPOS Newbie
                        Sorry to here about the fire in your shop we hope you recovr soon from this. I would like to help you with your search for Point of Sale system. We sale all kind of POS system in all over florida so if you are in florida you can reach us @ or you can directly give us call on 888-916-2999.

                        Tampa POS