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    Voice Marketing - More Powerful Than You Know!

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      Utilizing every "touchpoint" possible to reach your customers, clients and members is vital. Due to the ever increasing complexity of corporate and individual email firewall security programs and spam filters, we ve seen open/click through rates drop significantly in the last year. Having an alternate, inexpensive method to get your message out is crucial.


      Supplementing your current email and direct mail marketing with voice and text marketing allows for greater exposure of your information.




      Voice and Email Survey Marketing are fast and inexpensive CRM tools.


      Voice Survey Sample



      Voice Marketing Sample





      Voice Messaging


      Announcements you can use voice marketing for:


      • Seminars, Conferences and Meetings


      • Membership Renewals


      • Membership Directories


      • Newsletters and Updates


      • Education Marketing


      • Product Launches


      • Event Planning, Notification and Registration


      • Grass Roots Activities


      • Special Offers and Sales


      • Reminders for Dues


      • Changes in Rules and Regulations


      Voice and Email Surveys


      • Send a voice or email survey and receive a report that shows the


      feedback from your recipients.


      > How did they like the last meeting, conference or webinar?


      > What industury information would they like to hear about?


      > Where would they like the next annual conference to be held?


      • Call to Action Grassroots activities are easily sent, you'll see


      who requested to transfer to their representative.




      Go Green Messaging offers Consulting for a Greener Workplace, Web


      Design/Maintenance, Email Design, and Paperless Fax Solutions.






      These are easy to use, eco-friendly and effective marketing solutions.


      Please contact me for more details and pricing.



      Have a great day!




      Julie Johnson


      Director of Marketing





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