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    A really great way to market your small business

    youngowner Newbie
      A great way to market your small business is to have a strong online presence. Lets get real now a days if I'm looking for a business I don't look in the yellowpages. Its just simply to much work to pull out a really heavy yellow book and flip through thousands of pages.

      Just a little story; My sister started a hair salon about a year ago and she was having a hard time reaching new customers. So, I told her that she should build an online presence. She went to many different sites and used their services to establish her online presence, because we all know the you need to be everywhere to reach a lot of people. She told me she ran into a guy that had a web company that he was starting up January 2009, His company specializes in online marketing for small businesses in the greater Baltimore area. I went to the site to find out more and I liked that they are taking pre-registrations. Thats awesome, because just from what I read this company seems like they really care about helping small businesses grow and build an inexpensive online presence, and not so much about over charging for a services that should not cost more than $40 bucks a month.

      So my opinion, go to the site read about the company, See what they can do for your small business if you are located in the greater Baltimore area that is.

      Well I hope my story will help somebody,