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    Net profitable global business seeks expansion capital

    Turning Newbie
      Hi All, this is my first day on this site and after reading some forums I wanted to post my own.
      Quick summary:
      I am an owner of an apparel company and this is our fourth year in business. Our brand is in some of the best known stores in the USA. We have recently opened up stores and distribution teams across the world. We are net profitable and have a great strategy that is working even in this economy.
      We are looking for expansion capital to help us build more demand and supply that demand. We are looking to raise between $1-3M in mezzanine, debt or equity financing.
      Documents that I have: last year's p&l, projected revenues and presentation which gives an overview of our history, what we are doing and trying to do. I also have a breakdown of what we would do with this invested capital.
      Is anyone interested in talking about this in more detail?
      Thank you,