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    Not money hungry!!! Its the times we live in

    dtominus Wayfarer
      I can understand every ones frustration, but consider this! Look at the housing and lending market now
      compared to 1yr ago? Business owner hopefuls or current business owners are looking for help with funding because there just not getting it right now from the banks, Ask any lending officer , Does he or she
      see a huge decline in application aprovals compared to say one year ago! Don't be so critical, If you are already doing fine money wise, Then its easy to come to this conclusion, But the folks out here are the same folks that where here a year ago, Its just that times have changes , So there asking , Help me solve this prob! Give me advice, Show me the way, Stop being critical, And give the help these folks are asking for, Remember , How can you speak about the speck in your brothers, But you don't look at the loge in your own eye!!!!!


      David Tominus
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          Iwrite Pioneer

          We aren't being critical - most of us are in the same boat if not
          worse. If you took a poll, you would find the majority of us have some
          type of funding need.

          No one said these posts do not belong on this forum, we said they should have a their own section.

          I think you will find that the people commenting here would be more
          than happy to answer questions but we are not talking about folks
          asking questions - people are requesting money, and most of us cannot
          answer that need.

          No one in this thread passed judgement as to the character of anyone
          because they asked for money - you are reading into things that were
          not said.

          Once again, we believe that there should be a section for funding
          requests. How is that not understanding the situation or putting people

          I am sorry if you think I am attacking people for needing money but I am not.

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            Lighthouse24 Ranger

            I totally agree that a couple of aspects of the economy have seriously and negatively impacted a lot of small businesses in ways that even some very good business planners could not have anticipated. I don't think anyone could or would criticize another business owner who is a member of this Small Business Owners Community for being in a tight spot right now.

            If I have any "criticism" for anyone, it would be the people who -- in the midst of the very difficult economic times you're describing -- post something in a forum for business owners that basically says:

            I have no money, no collateral, no education, no work experience, and lousy credit -- but I want to start my own business. I'm not sure what kind of business, but a half-million dollars ought to cover it so give me that and I'll figure something out. If you're not going to give me my half-million, at least give me $20,000 so I can pay this month's living expenses while I look for other investors. http://The actual post would be a lot more challenging to read in terms of spelling and grammar, of course.

            I've noticed that when these kinds of posts appear, you often respond with offers to make a cash advance, $2,500 to $500,000 use for any purpose, flat fee (no percentage), bad credit OK, funds in 48 hours. Lots and lots of people respond back to you. So, have all those people received their checks -- or would you agree that maybe a few of them are being a just a little bit unrealistic?

            I think it's that unrealistic aspect that particularly annoys some actual business owners who are trying to use this forum to exchange information and ideas (some of which help solve problems, sell products, pay the bills, and keep people employed). Again, nobody is suggesting that there's not a place in the community for the money seeker without a clue -- only that those kinds of posts might need a venue of their own here.